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Reflections on the Lean Movement

7th June 2023 - Daniel T Jones

This article is a transcript from Dan Jones Reflections on the Lean Movement at UK Lean Summit 2023 on the 18th April. If you would like to watch this keynote, please watch the YouTube video below....

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What’s on at the UK Lean Summit

20th January 2023 - David Brunt

The UK Lean Summit takes place Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th, April at The Spine, Liverpool. The Summit is structured around how lean thinking and practice help us navigate the key problems of: The...

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Why we need a UK Lean Summit

9th January 2023 - David Brunt

A New Year brings fresh focus to everyone’s activities. For the first time since 2018, the Lean Enterprise Academy is holding a Lean Summit in the UK. In person events are important. They inspire...

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