Lean Summit 2024 – Why, What, Where, When, Who, How, How Much?

The Lean Summit 2024

Having frameworks around which to form plans can make the work easier. For example, the image below comes from the Training Within Industry Job Methods materials used during World War 2 and later taught to Japanese industry. The framework provides the step-by-step questions to ask to improve a job. It is brilliant in its simplicity and so logical. As a result, Lean Thinkers use the framework when standardising and improving work and each year we use the questions to decide whether to hold a Lean Summit. So, to paraphrase the Simon Sinek book – Start with WHY? Why do we hold a Lean Summit? What is the purpose of it? 

Why we need the Lean Summit 2024? What is the Purpose?

Lean thinkers know how important it is to define purpose – in this case the reason for holding the event. We held the first Lean Summit in Nottingham in 1997. The purpose then was to learn and share with each other. The idea being that we get inspiration from each other’s stories. The purpose of the Summit is:

  • Firstly, to share how we can use lean thinking to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. 
  • Secondly, to raise consciousness of the latest developments in Lean Thinking and Practice.
  • Thirdly, to provide insight into practical ways to start, deepen or enhance your Lean journey and transformation.
  • Lastly, to enable participants to build their own network of Lean Thinkers.

Share how we can use lean thinking to solve the problems of today and tomorrow

At the recent Lean Global Connection online event, we heard from organisations around the World, tackling their problems. When we first began organising the event we drew upon the themes for the 2023 UK Lean Summit. With this in mind, we have expanded them to a list of 9 challenges for 2024:

  • Navigating the digital landscape in the age of AI
  • Overcoming supply chain disruptions
  • Tackling climate change
  • Boosting productivity
  • Battling inflation and the cost-of-living crisis
  • Talent acquisition, retention and development
  • Aligning strategy with activity
  • Helping meet every person’s basic needs (from shelter to food security)
  • Developing new products and services to deliver value for customers

In addition, we learned that these issues are global. Organisations and individuals face these challenges everywhere. So, for the UK Lean Summit 2024 we’ve taken these challenges as themes to provide an in-person event where we have more time to learn, network and share how organisations and individuals are meeting these challenges head on.

To raise consciousness of the latest developments in Lean Thinking and Practice

Organisations effectively using lean thinking recognise it is a learning system. Hence we’ve known right from the beginning of our research that we can apply lean thinking across enterprises:

  • How new products are conceived and developed.
  • How products are fulfilled from order, through manufacturing to customer delivery.
  • How supply chains are coordinated
  • How the customer interface is developed and managed

It’s certainly not just about lean production! With our background in research, we recognise the importance of showcasing the frontiers of lean thinking. In summary, these latest developments include:

  • Embedding lean thinking into digital processes and remote working,
  • How to use lean thinking to teach product development skills, 
  • New ways to teach, coach and engage team members in lean principles more effectively.

Many of the lessons are applicable to multiple sectors. 

To provide insight into practical ways to start, deepen or enhance your Lean journey and transformation

The majority of our attendees fall into three categories: senior leaders (CEOs or board members, for instance), line managers, and lean practitioners. Therefore each group has different needs. But all have the same interest in how they can take their efforts to the next level and how lean can help them do that. We design the Summit programme with a mix of thought leaders and practitioners at various stages of their lean journey. For example, this year we have examples from new product development, organisations that are engaging  their team members to improve performance and organisations using external cost pressures to develop better performance.

To enable participants to build their own network of Lean Thinkers

Each year customers tell us that our Summit is the not to be missed Lean event of the year for any leader, senior manager or lean practitioner wanting to transform and or sustain the gains from their lean efforts. 

Where is the Lean Summit 2024?

The Spine, Liverpool.

Who and How?

You can find out more about the programme and reserve your place below. We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool in April.

P.S. On Monday, April 22nd there are Pre-Summit Capability Development Workshops for you to attend and on Thursday 25th there is the opportunity to visit either Toyota’s Engine Plant in Deeside or their vehicle assembly plant near Derby. Learn more below.

Purchase your UK Lean Summit 2024 Ticket Today!

Explore the program details and secure your spot here. We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool in April 2024.

UK Toyota Visits 2024

The day after the UK Lean Summit 2024 (25th April), we are giving attendees the opportunity to visit either Toyota. Choose from either Toyota’s Engine Manufacturing Site or Vehicle Manufacturing Site. The visit provides a unique experience into Toyota’s production and other processes. All proceeds from the visits are donated to Toyota’s Charitable Trust. Learn more about the Toyota visits here.

Capability Development Workshops 2024

The day before the UK Lean Summit 2024 (22nd April) we will be conducting hands-on, practical workshops. These workshops are tailored to enhance your learning, understanding, and capability development in specific subject areas. Above all, these workshops will engage you in hands-on, real-world activities that go beyond theory, allowing you to acquire practical skills and capability. Learn more about the workshops here.