Year: 2013

The Power of Stories

24th December 2013 - David Brunt

For many of us, the run up to our festive season is a good time to take stock and reflect. Whilst attending our daughter’s school Christmas carol service I was reminded about the power of...

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25 Years of Lean

14th November 2013 - Daniel T Jones

Jim Womack, John Shook and Daniel T Jones discuss the evolution and challenges facing the lean movement.11 videos – 70 minutes of wisdom – interview arranged by LEI and the Gemba Academy...

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Daniel Jones’ AME Keynote

23rd October 2013 - Daniel T Jones

On 23rd October 2013 our chairman addressed the AME Conference in Toronto – view his talk, download the slides and more Key Takeaways and Homework Florence The full video of the talk by Luigi...

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