Daniel Jones’ AME Keynote

On 23rd October 2013 our chairman addressed the AME Conference in Toronto – view his talk, download the slides and more

Key Takeaways and Homework


The full video of the talk by Luigi Marroni, CEO of the Florence Hospital system at the LEA Lean summit 2010:


  • A stunning book on the challenge science faces in asking the right questions is Ignorance by Stuart Firestein 
  • A brilliant history of the discovery on modern medicines is Dr James Le Fanu The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine 
  • The best book on learning how to practice scientific thinking is Managing to Learn by John Shook 

Managing To Learn

For a summary of managing by science see the video of John Shook’s talk at the Lean Summit 2011:


Brilliant videos of the hospital 3P exercises in Saskatchewan:


We summarised our early learning about leaning hospitals in Making Hospitals Work by Marc Baker and Ian Taylor – also available to download from Amazon Kindle here

To read our diagnosis of the management problems facing the NHS see our report The Bermuda Triangle by Daniel Jones, Marc Baker and Ian Taylor. 

The results of experiments with Plan For Every Patient, Visual Hospital and Policy Deployment were reported at the LEA Lean Summits in 2011 from Calderdale and Huddersfield and 2012 from United Lincolnshire. 

The methodology for leaning the whole medical supply chain is outlined in Dan Jones and Jim Womack Seeing the Whole Value Stream