Year: 2009


Value Stream management

1st December 2009 - Daniel T Jones

As we emerge from the recession and look ahead old ways of thinking and action will not be enough to meet two big challenges ahead. The first challenge is the growing impact of the web in opening up...

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The Machine that changed the World

Learning to Work Together

13th October 2009 - Daniel T Jones

On our trip to Japan to launch The Machine that Changed the World in 1990, the Chairman of Toyota, Dr Soichiro Toyoda, told me “The only competitors we really fear are the Germans, if they ever...

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The Lean Manager

The Lean Manager Launch

3rd September 2009 - Daniel T Jones

Where can you experience what it feels like to be a lean manager and where can you learn about the personal and organisational changes involved in leading a lean transformation? Listening to the...

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Doing the Wrong Things

2nd July 2009 - Daniel T Jones

I used to think that physical assets — product designs, facilities and equipment, IT systems, supply chains and distribution channels — are the biggest constraints to progress with Lean. But not...

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