Lean Summit 2009 – Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit


10th July 2009


QEII Conference Centre, London, UK



Eight Key Questions

  1. What are the biggest problems in your hospital?
  2. Do most of your patients go through similar diagnostic and treatment steps?
  3. How long does the end-to-end patient journey take – and how long could it take?
  4. What is the demand to get into your hospital – and how long do patients have to wait?
  5. How could you eliminate most of the waiting time within and between departments?
  6. What is the demand to get out of your hospital – how many patients are ready to go or are in the wrong beds?
  7. How could these activities be managed visually to track progress and delays?
  8. Who will take responsibility for transforming the end-to-end patient journeys?


The result of three years’ action research the book Making Hospitals Work, will be launched at the Summit.

It follows a top management team as they use the scientific method to redesign the key end-to-end patient journeys through their hospital.

The results include eliminating unnecessary waits for patients, a drastic reduction in length of stay, no longer wasting staff time, freeing up emergency and elective capacity and slashing the overtime and agency burden. Focusing on the patient journey and effectively synchronising all the support activities also provides the essential context for delivering higher quality and safer care for patients.

Experienced healthcare leaders from the US and UK will join us to discuss the implications of the widespread adoption of thelean hospital.

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The Breakthrough from RIE's to the Lean Hospital

Daniel Jones - Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited

Leading the journey to the Lean Hospital: lessons from the USA

John Toussaint - CEO emeritus, ThedaCare

Seeing the end-to-end patient journeys: where are they broken and why?

Marc Baker - Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited

Key steps to turn the patient journey into an integrated process

Ken Robertson - Acute Services Manager, Emergency Care, Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust

Redesigning support activities in line with demand from the wards

Lisa Smith - National Improvement Lead, NHS Improvement

Redesigning the elective surgical journey

Dr Peter Lewis - Vascular Surgeon, Chief of Staff of Surgery, Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust

Learning that sticks: an exercise in how people really learn

Dave Brunt - Chief Executive, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited

Implementing a future state plan and creating stability with visual management

Ian Taylor - Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited

Gaining agreement to act: the role of the value stream manager

Maria Purse - Emergency Value Stream Manager, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Managing the Lean Hospital: what it takes to engage the whole hospital

David Fillingham - Chief Executive, Royal Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust

The impact of the Lean Hospital across the NHS

Prof. Matthew Cooke - Warwick Medical School and Heart of England NHS Trust, Professor of Clinical Systems Design, WMS & Deputy Medical Director

Conclusions from the day: an agenda for action

Daniel Jones - Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited