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  • Photo of Daniel Jones viewing the Emergency Departments Visual Management at Consorci Santiari del Garraf
  • AME
  • Making Hospitals Work
  • Huddersfield Royal
  • Two Inspiring Lean Transformation Examples

    Lean is about helping organisations and individuals to learn to do things they could not previously do in order to meet the business challenges they face. The more problems they learn to solve the better they get at problem solving. This in turn triggers a virtuous circle of never ending improvement

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  • Daniel Jones' AME Keynote

    On 23rd October 2013 our chairman addressed the AME Conference in Toronto - view his talk, download the slides and more.

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  • Making Hospitals Work

    Marc Baker, Ian Taylor and Alan Mitchell


    How to improve patient care while saving everyone's time and hospitals' resources

  • Closing the Healthcare Performance Gap

    Around the world healthcare organisations are being challenged to do more with less resources. In the UK the NHS is trying to find £20 billion in efficiency savings. Can this be done without reducing services to patients?

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    Lean Learning Learning Lean Desert Island Lean Articles

    Learning Lean, Lean Learning - Desert Island Lean Articles

    Back in January 2015 I wrote a short article about my favourite Lean books. In the style of “Desert Island Discs”, the radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4, I selected the Lean books I’d take to be cast away on a desert island.

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    Learning Lean by Problem Solving Art Smalley Picture

    Learning Lean by Solving Problems

    Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results). The theme for our 2016 Lean Summit is Lean Learning, Learning Lean.

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    Company Logos UK Lean Summit 2016 Learning Lean Lean Learning

    UK Lean Summit 2016: Learning Lean, Lean Learning - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

    The theme for our UK Lean Summit 2016 is Lean Learning, Learning Lean. Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results.)

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    Consorci Sanitari Derl Garraf UK Lean Summit 2015

    Consorci Sanitari del Garraf at the UK Lean Summit 2015

    I always thought Lean would come of age when teams in more modest organisations without the resources for heavy consulting support were able to get going with lean and create the necessary momentum for it to grow organically.

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    Dan Florizone UK Lean Summit 2014 Spreading Lean Across Health And Government

    Lean Thinking in Education

    There are two dimensions to the Lean Enterprise Academy’s work in pushing forward the frontiers of Lean - taking Lean to different environments and gaining new insight into environments where Lean is already being used.

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    UK Lean Summit 2015 - Lean Transformation: Developing Capability to Improve the Work - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

    The theme for our 2015 Lean Summit is Lean Transformation – Developing the Capability to Improve the Work. This year we build upon the topic of Lean Transformation and have structured the event around the two key elements of our Lean Transformation Framework.

    Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit - Europe 2015

    Join globally recognized experts, including John Toussaint from the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, Michael Ballé from the Lean Institute France, James Hereford from Stanford Health Care, Patrick De Coster from CHU Dinant Godinne, Sylvain Landry from HEC Montreal and more

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