Leading in a Continuous Improvement Culture: Engaging and Coaching Problem Solving Thinkers

2 – Day Workshop


Are you a mid-level manager or leader in an organization that is focusing on employee engagement to develop a continuous improvement culture?  Are you wondering about your role and how you can contribute in this new management environment?  Though it may not have been said  you are critical to the success to the transition to a continuous improvement culture in your company. 

This program is designed to describe the new role you can play as a leader in a program solving culture.  It will introduce skills that will help you be effective in that role and give you opportunities to practice them.

Workshop Outline

  • Use Value-Stream Thinking to identify problems at process level that are affecting operational performance
  • Give employees responsibility for addressing the right process-level problems at the right places in the work flow
  • Model, teach and insist on Plan-Do-Check-Adjust Problem Solving based on grasp of the actual conditions of problems
  • Create fundamentally different relationships with employees and others that focus on coaching and developing their problem solving capability 
Traditional Management Vs Lean Leadership

Workshop Benefits

Key Topics and Skill Building Activities:  Day One

  • Conditions in a management environment that enable and encourage continuous improvement and problem solving by employees
  • How managers can lead continuous improvement by employees by being performance improvement leaders
  • The kind of problem solving that is essential for creating and sustaining a continuous improvement culture
  • How to engage employees by deploying meaningful problem solving responsibility

Key Topics and Skill Building Activities:  Day Two

  • Most important ways leaders can show respect for employees
  • How to talk with employees in ways that engage their problem solving thinking
  • The difference between coaching for correction and coaching for development of problem solving capability
  • How to coach by asking and listening rather than telling

The content of the program will be based on experience in North American Toyota and years of supporting other companies in their efforts to create continuous improvement cultures.  Instructional methods will include description of the key functions in the new problem solving role of the continuous improvement leader, illustration and discussion of the thinking behind the functions, demonstration of skills and tactics needed for effectiveness in the functions, exercises to practice use of the skills and tactics, and feedback and reflection on participants performance and experience in the exercises.

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Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to address the challenges of middle managers, first-line supervisors, process owners, project team leaders and internal consultants, coordinators and coaches in organizations working to develop continuous improvement cultures.


  • Attendance - 2 Day Course
  • Class size - Maximum 12 people per day
  • Timings - Each day will run from 09:00 - 17:00
  • Cost – General £790.00 / Consultant £900.00 per delegate per day with a 15% discount when 2 or more people from the same organisation attend
  • Materials - A PDF copy of the materials will be available via the Lean Enterprise Academy website.

* Please note prices exclude VAT at the standard rate of 20%

We can also run these workshops in-house at your convenience, if you would like to explore this option please contact us at events@leanuk.org or call +44 (0)1600 890590

Follow up (optional)

LEA provides an ongoing mentoring service for organisations involved in making Lean transformations. Lean Transformation Master Plans, supporting A3s & VSM’s developed by the organisation can be reviewed at 30/60/90 intervals. This provides the organisation with help and direction in sustaining the learning from the workshop process and helps highlight further learning opportunities that can be pulled, as and when required, by the organisation.

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