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    Lean Transformation Model Picture By The Lean Enterprise Academy

    Value Driven Purpose - The Lean Transformation Model

    Many organisations and business leaders that practice Lean thinking make the mistake that Lean transformation and business improvement is all about running training sessions and improvement projects / events.

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    Picture Of David Brunt Taking A Gemba Walk Discussing A Lean Visual Wall

    Food from the Gemba

    Visiting the Gemba is essential. It is a privilege to be asked to go and see the inspiration people get from discovering new ways of working together and to hear their questions as they struggle to do even better.

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    Edgar Schein Quote Lean Culture And Capability Development David Brunt Article Lean Enterprise Academy

    Lean Culture and Capability Development

    Anyone passionate about lean has first hand experience of its benefits, dramatically improving value creation for customers whilst reducing waste, errors and ultimately cost. Over dinner with a group charged with leading such a revolution in their organization I listened as a familiar story unfolded

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    Lean Transformation Model Workshops By Lean Enterprise Academy

    Helping Individuals and Organisations Improve through Lean Thinking and Practice

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little more about what’s new at the Lean Enterprise Academy. Firstly, my name is Darren Walsh and I’ll be taking the lead on the public workshop offering from the Lean Enterprise Academy

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    Dan Florizone UK Lean Summit 2014 Spreading Lean Across Health And Government

    Lean Thinking in Education

    There are two dimensions to the Lean Enterprise Academy’s work in pushing forward the frontiers of Lean - taking Lean to different environments and gaining new insight into environments where Lean is already being used.

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    Beyond Legacy Assets and Mind-Sets: Lean Insights for the Digital Age

    In our Lean Summits we are always focused on deepening our insights into the frontiers of Lean practice. We aim to provide real food for those seriously engaged in Lean transformations, which you will not find in any other Lean conference.

    Developing Lean Transformations

    In January 2014, John Shook shared the Lean Transformation Model – the model that we have been developing to guide transformations with our partner companies, large and small, across a wide range of industries.

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