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  • Lead with Respect - NOW IN STOCK

    Michael Balle and Freddy Balle


    Developing people through a rigorous application of proven tools and methods

  • Lean Summit 2014

    17th - 19th November

    Lean Transformation: Practical Next Steps - As part of our mission to help organisations with their Lean journeys we are holding the annual UK Lean Summit at Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth. •Earlybird discount of 10% for the first 75 delegates •20% discount when registering 5 or more delegates

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  • Beyond Heroes

    Kim Barnas


    How Thedacare teams developed their management system.

  • Working With Us

    Our Action Research starts by defining the business problem (a gap in performance terms) that the organisation wants to close When we undertake to help an organisation, we are firstly attempting to do the following: Create flow of value through systematic PDCA by all team members (Purpose)

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  • Lean Transformation: Practical Next Steps

    The theme for our 2013 Lean Summit was Lean Transformation – Frontiers and Fundamentals. The idea behind the theme was to discuss the frontiers of lean implementation and fundamental lean practice.

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    Latest Articles

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    Deploying Policy

    There is no doubt that Policy Deployment (or hoshin kanri) is an integral part of any lean implementation. It’s a management process that aligns - both vertically and horizontally - an organization’s functions and activities with its strategic objectives.

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    Dan Jones

    What will happen after you leave?

    The Lean Edge: "What would you do if you were a CEO and you tried lean the right way and were passionate about it but you seemed to be failing at every turn getting all your stakeholders angry?" Daniel Jones comments on the latest Lean Edge question

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    Leaper At Computer Desk

    Welcome to our New Website

    There is one sure thing - if you stand still in any sector or industry you'll soon find yourself either behind or with performance gaps to close. For many organisations, one of the areas this particularly applies to is their on line presence.

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    The Benefits of Our Action Research with Auto Retail

    In 1998 Dan Jones asked a couple of his researchers to understand if and how lean can be applied to auto retail. Since then we have worked with car dealers on a variety of projects and now have a number of great cases that showcase the benefits of lean outside traditional auto manufacturing.

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    Art Byrne Discussion Workshop

    Lean Leadership

    At our 2013 Lean Summit we welcomed Art Byrne, architect and leader of numerous Lean Transformations such as that undertaken at Wiremold – told in Chapter 7 of Lean Thinking - as well as author of the book “The Lean Turnaround.”

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    8 Key Learning Sessions

    The theme for the 2014 Lean Summit is Practical Next Steps. The purposes of our annual Summit are: •To raise consciousness of the latest developments in Lean Thinking •To provide insight into practical ways to get started, deepen or enhance your lean journey

    Kaizen events: good thing or bad thing?

    The Lean Edge: Kaizen events: good thing or bad thing? In what cases do kaizen events help and when do they hinder? How to best use kaizen events to leverage results and support the lean culture? Daniel Jones comments on the latest Lean Edge question

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