Toyota Becoming a Mobility Company

Toyota is shifting towards a mobility company. In this “once in a century period of profound transformation.” Toyota’s President, Akio Toyoda, the communicates that the automobile is on the verge of major change. As a result Toyota must adapt its business in line with the CASE (Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared and Electric) era.

Akio Toyota says Toyota will become a mobility company

Back in 2005, Jim Womack and Dan Jones wrote Lean Solutions. The book is little read in comparison to “The Machine” and “Lean Thinking.” In it they argued that mobility was the core consumption problem facing society for even the auto makers. Fifteen years later, Toyota (with their Lean Thinking insights) are articulating what we wrote up. Toyota is becoming a mobility company. Learn about mobility from a Lean Thinking perspective in the ground breaking Lean Solutions book. Read the full article on the Toyota Global site:

Mobility has been a key element of our work in helping car dealers learn to implement lean. In our book Creating Lean Dealers, Dave Brunt and John Kiff highlight the basic value of mobility that the car provides consumers. We offered a way to map consumption – a key part of providing value as well as discussing the Kano model when defining value. In addition we discuss the importance of understanding and managing the basics of performance. The car industry still doesn’t measure customer fulfilment – the ability to deliver or repair the car to the customer right, first time, on time. We hope the new emphasis on mobility will lead to manufacturers rethinking how they can manage and help their partners improve value at the customer interface. Where the “rubber hits the road,”