interviews Daniel T Jones and James P Womack at the UK Lean Summit 2014

One of the highlights of our UK Lean Summit 2014 in Kenilworth last month was bringing the pioneers of Lean Thinking, James P Womack and Daniel T Jones (authors of The Machine that Changed the World, Lean Thinking and Lean Solutions), together again both to give keynotes and to answer questions in a discussion workshop. We asked Planet Lean to interview them in one of the breaks. Six questions provoke trenchant observations on the future of lean. We thought you would enjoy thinking about their observations over the Christmas break.

  • Lean won the war – but management still believes it can delegate lean.
  • Society’s problems won’t go away – so lean will remain relevant to solving them.
  • Growing interest in the public sector – challenged to do more with less.
  • Move from projects to delivery streams – even in construction and software.
  • Integrating informed users and supporting employees wanting to do meaningful work.
  • Lean can help organisations scaling-up good ideas – and starting over with the next generation product and service.
  • Time to cut the confusion and communicate lean to the next generation.