Lean Standardised Work Workshop on site at H Weston & Sons Ltd Cider Mill

Improving the work is the work.  Whilst many organizations have some sort of improvement activity many fall foul of the first of the 3 Common Pitfalls to Lean. Many organisations use the wrong improvement tools, at the wrong time, by the wrong people or are not using them effectively. They then wonder why they have so much variation in the work, are not able to maintain current performance or why their improvement activity are not being sustained or further improving business performance.

A common reason for this is that standard work is not standard and therefore not acting as the foundation for improvement.

To help with Lean Learning the Lean Enterprise Academy are happy to announce that we have teamed up with H Weston & Sons Ltd Cider to hold a public workshop onsite at the Weston’s Cider Mill.

During the workshop attendees will develop both knowledge and capability of standardised work and kaizen and will learn key observation, design, analysis, maintenance and improvement techniques at the workplace.

The Westons Cider Mill is situated in the old village of Much Marcle, Herefordshire.  In 1878  Mr Henry Weston came to the Bounds, a farmhouse nestled amongst apple and perry pear orchards. In 1880, Henry joined the Herefordshire cider-making community and began a legacy of tradition and quality.  By making cider and perry from his own fruit, collected from his own orchards, Henry contributed to the annual pattern of life in the country.  Today, based at the original farm ‘The Bounds’, Westons Cider employs more than 200 people, produces over 30 different ciders and perries and are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Click here for full details of the ‘Standardized Work: Foundation for Kaizen Workshop’ I hope to see you there!