Progressing to Skill Level 2 – Understanding

Now you have learnt some basic knowledge about the Purpose of Problem Solving and what the 8 Step Practical Problem Solving Methods is about.

It’s time to take your capability to the next level!

Skill Level 2

Develop your capability as you progress through the 4 different skill levels.

The Skill level 2 course aims at getting a deeper understanding of the “thinking way” behind the 8 step problem solving method and visualising it on to an A3. We have versions of this course :-

Your S.M.A.R.T Learning Outcomes for Skill Level 2 Course

Review these expected outcomes for achieving Skill Level 2 understanding in the 8 Step Practical Problem Solving method:-

Specific – Gain a deeper understanding of applying the 8 step PDCA “thinking way” behind solving a problem PDCA (based on original Toyota Business Practice.) Gain practical experience by completing the Problem Solving A3 Learning Exercise and put your problem solving story simply onto an A3.

Measurable – Evaluate your results and thinking against a defined criteria and reflect on your Problem Solving thinking way after completing each of the 8 steps “Learning” & “Try Out” topics.

Achievable – Video Teach points and learning exercise (total approx. 8 hrs) are broken down into steps to enable you to do short burst learning at your convenience.

Realistic – Inch wide mile deep approach to key learning points. Staged completion and confirmation questions for each 8 steps to ensure PDCA. Join the Lean Learning Journey forum for support.

Time Bound – You should try to complete the A3 Learning Exercise within 1 – 2 weeks maximum. So you can then quickly move onto skill level 3 to gain experience on real problems. Instructor prompt messages keep your progress moving to aid completion.

Learn and try out through videos of Key Learning Points, Practical Exercises, Knack Points and Confirmation Questions that will guide you through the 8 Steps to Solve a Problem correctly!

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