Problem Solving & the Lean Transformation Framework

Review this video to understand the importance of problem solving in a lean transformation

We always start with the Lean Transformation Framework, which in essence is our approach or how we do Lean and ask where does this topic fit in.

The framework consist of five dimensions which all need to be considered for a successful Lean transformation.

These dimensions can be asked as a series of questions and starts with Number 1 at the top:

“What is our Value-Driven Purpose and more specifically what Problem are we trying to solve?” Clearly, you need to be competent problem solvers if we are going to answer the first question!

However it is probably likely that we are going come up against other problems when tackling questions 2 through to 5.

We therefore see Problem Solving and the thinking way as the number one Lean skill. If you think about it, a lot of the familiar lean tools we know and love, like 5S, Standard Work, Value Stream Mapping, SMED etc. were all created to try and solve a problem. It is the number 1 Lean Skill to master.

A Lean Transformation starts by asking “What is our Value Driven Purpose?” Why are we here as an organisation? Each individual needs to ask and answer “What business problems do we each need to solve to achieve this (value)?

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