7 Problem Solving Tools Skill Level 1: Knowledge

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In this course, learn about the 7 Problem Solving Tools. These are also commonly referred to as the Seven Basic Tools of Quality (or 7 QC Tools.)


Published: March 2021

Author: David Marriott Courses, Lean Enterprise Academy


In this online course, learn about the 7 Problem Solving Tools, also commonly referred to as the Seven Basic Tools of Quality (or 7 QC 7 problem solving toolsTools) which are; Pareto Diagrams, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Graphs & Control Charts, Check Sheets, Histograms, Scatter Diagrams & Stratification. The use of these tools can be wide and varied across all industry sectors and situations.

The course is divides into 2 sections. These are as follows:

  • In Purpose, learn why these tools are important, what they are used for and how. We will also explain some of the benefits of using them.
  • For Process, we will explain the seven different types, their content and how they can be applied to different situations.
  • In People, understand who can make use of them and some of the behaviours recommended to get the most out of them.

In summary, the material includes 4 topics – background, purpose, process and people, an explanation of each of the 7 Problem Solving Tools and a handy trifold leaflet to download, print and keep for quick reference! Want to learn more about the range of resources we have to offer on problem solving tool? Click here.

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