Lean Summit 2013 - Lean Transformation: Frontiers and Fundamentals

5th - 7th November 2013 Wokefield Park, Reading, UK

Stage Set

As part of our mission to help organisations with their Lean journeys the Lean Enterprise Academy held its annual UK Lean Summit at Wokefield Park near Reading.

The programme provided a balance between the frontiers of lean implementation and fundamental lean practice.

The purposes of this Summit are as follows:

  • To raise consciousness of the latest developments in Lean Thinking and Practice
  • To provide insight into practical ways to get started, deepen or enhance your Lean journey
  • To enable participants to build their own network of Lean Thinkers

We do this by:

  • Bringing together the best Lean practitioners and sensei in the Lean world for participants to learn from
  • Building time into the programme for participants to network
  • Providing pre-Summit workshops on leading edge topics
  • Enabling groups from the same organisations to come to the Summit to learn together

Key questions for the 2013 UK Lean Summit:

  • What are the models of Lean transformation?
  • What are the fundamentals required to develop a Lean organisation?
  • What is the leader’s role in Lean transformation?
  • What does it take to apply Lean Thinking in Product Development?
  • What are the key lessons learned from applying Lean Thinking in the Supply Chain?
  • How do you apply Lean Thinking in the Service and Repair?

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Photos from the Event

Registration  Dave Opening  Dan Opening

Coffee Break  Pierre Masai  Art Byrne

Peter Treadwell  Book Store  Marc Baker

Owen Williams  Liam Duffy  Art Byrne Discussion Workshop

Healthcare Discussion Workshop  Toyota Discussion Workshop  Street Party

Steve Warren  Jim Morgan  Dan Jones Discussion

Peter Ayeni  Lunch  Solihull

Kevin Robinson  Street Party  Stage Set (1)

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Pre-Summit Masterclasses