• A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare

    A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare

    Cindy Jimmerson


    Workbook teaching the A3 method using healthcare cases.

  • Beyond Heroes

    Beyond Heroes

    Kim Barnas


    How Thedacare teams developed their management system.

  • Making Hospitals Work

    Making Hospitals Work

    Marc Baker, Ian Taylor and Alan Mitchell


    How to improve patient care while saving everyone's time and hospitals' resources

  • Nun and the Bureaucrat

    Nun and the Bureaucrat

    Louis Savary and Clare Crawford-Mason


    How they found an unlikely cure for America's Sick Hospitals

  • On the Mend

    On the Mend

    John Toussaint, Roger Gerard and Emily Adams


    Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industry

  • Perfecting Patient Journeys

    Perfecting Patient Journeys

    Judy Worth, Tom Shuker, Beau Keyte, Karl Ohaus, Jim Luckman, David Verble, Kirk Paluska and Todd Nickel


    Shingo Prize Winning Book