Purpose – Standardised Work

Standardised Work and the Lean Transformation Framework (LTF)

The LTF asks two questions which need to be considered when implementing standardised work:

How do we do and improve the work?

How do we develop the capabilities we need?

We shall start to explore these questions by thinking about the Purpose of standardised work.

Standardised Work Poster

Please make sure you have a copy of the Standardised Work Teach Poster to refer to.

It can be downloaded here if you have not already done so:

Purpose – Standardised Work Video

Standardised Work – Purpose Video

Purpose of Standardised Work

Standardised Work – Purpose Teach Poster

Standardised Work primarily defines how the work should be done.

It is the best known documented combination of people and equipment to complete the work using the minimum amount of resources.

It clarifies who, what, where and when the work is to be carried out.

By doing this and creating the standard we can establish a baseline to improve from.

As such, it is the 1st step of improvement.

Ensures the Work is done:

Standardised Work – Purpose Teach Poster

It also ensures that the work is done Safely, Correctly and Efficiently.

With the:

Standardised Work – Purpose Teach Poster

Having defined how to do the work, it provides a baseline to start improving the work.