The Lean Transformation Framework

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We always start with the Lean Transformation Framework (LTF), which in essence is our approach or how we do Lean.

The Lean Transformation Framework

The framework consist of five dimensions which all need to be considered for a successful Lean transformation.

These dimensions can be asked as a series of questions and starts with Number 1 at the top:

What is our Value-driven Purpose and more specifically, “What problem are we trying to solve?” We tend to express this a Gap to close because if you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it!

The Second question asks “How do we do & improve the actual work?” – to solve the problem. This means observing the actual work activities, together with the team members to understand how it is done and the difficulties/problems with it and ideas to improve it.

The Third question then asks “How do we develop the capabilities we need?” – to do and improve the actual work, to solve the problem. We see skill development as a 4 step journey from acquiring some Knowledge to being able to Teach & Coach others. But what process and method should you use to develop those capabilities for your situation?

The Fourth question starts to address the challenge of making the change sustainable by asking “What management system & leadership behaviours are required to support the new way of working?” – to develop the capabilities we need to do & improve the actual work, to solve the problem.

The Fifth question asks “What basic thinking, mindset and assumptions drive this change?” Here we are starting to consider what the current culture and behaviours are versus what behaviours/thinking way is required to drive and support the change to make it successful and evolve the culture.

Some of the reasons why we use the LTF is that it is situational. By that we mean there is no secret recipe to follow to become Lean! Implementing a fixed sequence of tools/training programs/activities will not lead to a sustainable change. Each situation is different and it depends upon what problem you are trying to solve to determine what you need to do.

Also, the questions are fractal and can be applied at all levels of the organisation depending upon where you are seeking to make a change – from the individual, right up to the organisational level. The questions to ask are the same.

We will explore more where the topic of Kaizen fits in to the LTF in the Purpose section of the course.

A Lean Transformation starts by asking “What is our Value Driven Purpose? Why are we here as an organisation?”

Each individual needs to ask and answer “What business problems do we each need to solve to achieve this (value)?

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