Summary – Key Learning points

Avoid common mistakes in the thinking way of step 1 :- 

  • Step 1 is to clarify the problem and what the gap is ,( i.e where you are today vs where you want to be). This step it is not target setting , this comes later after we have really understood the problem better and broken it down to something we can specifically address. (not always the whole of the GAP)
  • The background – need to simply explained in short sentences (and visuals)  why is the problem so important we are spending time and resources working on it.
  • Visualizing the gap helps people you need to involve easily understand what the problem to ensure we can always go back and link to purpose of closing this gap 
  • The Ultimate goal should always be linked to your longer-term vision / strategic goals where possible, as the real “GAP” might be much larger and we should always have this in mind to influence how we think about the problem. Long term strategic goals / vision needs to be made clear to people who are not aware of it by snr management 
  • Achieving evaluation level 3 would be a great start – remember it takes much practice and feedback to achieve this standard of thinking way!