Who is Attending the 2014 UK Lean Summit?

With just three weeks until this year’s Lean Summit I’ve been looking through the 2014 delegate list to see who is attending. It looks like we will have a great international event. So far we have participants from 23 countries (last year the figure was 17 countries.) 65% are from the UK, 18% from the rest of Europe and with representation from the Americas, Africa and the Middle East evenly distributed over the remainder.

The job roles and titles indicate that there are lots of networking opportunities for participants. The table below compares the job titles from Summit attendees since 2012:

Over the last five years we have placed increased emphasis on providing a programme that would appeal to senior lean leaders and lean managers. Just over a third of those booked are in a senior role. That’s good news as we put a lot of effort into finding senior lean leaders who can talk with other senior leaders about what they are doing, how they are doing it and the obstacles they face.

The Summit is also a great place for line managers and improvement specialists to connect. Approximately half of those booked are involved in improvement roles with 1 in 5 people having lean in their job title. The practical nature of our learning sessions this year will benefit people in line and improvement roles – each provides lots of tips and tricks to get started, deepen or enhance learning. There are not many two-day conferences where you can learn about policy deployment, oobeya, developing lean leadership capability, lean supply chain improvement, lean transformation and how Toyota develops problem solving capability. All from people with successful track records – and some excellent reflections!

A full list of learning sessions is outlined below: