Our Values

Customer First

We are a not for profit organisation and develop a customer specific situational approach through teamwork and collaboration. We make money to do Lean, not do Lean to make money.

Trust & Respect for People

We approach everyone and everything with trust and respect – as we would like to be treated ourselves. We challenge situations respectfully, but are impatient for action.

Go, See & Understand

Starting with the problem to solve we endeavour to go, see and understand the value creating work for the organisation, function or individual.


Primarily research led, we work on the next level problem using a scientific approach. Following the PDCA process to run small, quick experiments to learn, teach and coach and share.


The goal is to enable everyone to be capable of doing, teaching and coaching lean thinking and practice. We will support customers as little as possible but as much as necessary to become self-reliant. Allowing them to progress on their own Lean Learning Journeys.