Using no-code and low-code applications to support Lean Thinking & Practice


23rd October 2019


Chester, UK



Workshop Introduction

Experimentation has always been an important feature of continuous improvement. Running experiments helps the lean practitioner to understand the challenges a business faces, and to explore viable solutions, uncovering risk and complexity along the way.

Lean Thinking is most easily applied to the work we can see – but frequently there are much bigger opportunities in a value stream’s information flows. Historically information flows have been difficult to improve – often hampered by big IT systems that are difficult or take a long time to change.

Fortunately, the landscape is changing and the opportunity for organisations to develop experiments that contain digital countermeasures is becoming a reality. This masterclass offers a deep dive into the products and the process that allows managers and lean practitioners to build industrial-strength Low-Code/No-Code applications, rapidly and at low cost. These solutions can dramatically reduce quality errors whilst collapsing the time-line of a value stream and making it easier for the people who do the work. With the advantage of being browser-based and secure, users do not need to install new software on their devices and can access the resulting applications from their PCs, laptops or mobile devices.


The purpose of this workshop is to provide delegates with:

  • An overview of current no-code / low-code technologies and how they can support the Lean Practitioner.
  • An understanding the role of the Citizen Developer in the Lean enterprise.
  • Examples of this technology in action, illustrated by actual case studies from various industries.
  • An opportunity to design, build and use a no-code application on their own laptop during the day.
  • The ability to evaluate and select the most appropriate no-code or low-code platform for their needs and the resources to explore the landscape further.

Topics that will be examined include:

  • An overview of current technologies with a focus on:
    • Knack, FastField mobile forms, Zapier, Integromat, Apify.
  • The role of the Citizen Developer – An exploration of the Citizen Developer role and how empowerment improves morale and sense of ownership for leaders, coaches and work groups once liberated from the strength-sapping delays often imposed by traditional IT methods.
  • How Citizen Developers can be tasked with creating real industrial-strength applications rather than ‘make do’ solutions, the result being better applications, adding value and reducing cost whilst reducing customer dissatisfaction and minimising waste.
  • Case Studies – Examples include Halfway Toyota Production Centre Automation, Livesey Brothers Asset Maintenance Tracking, Robins & Day’s Used Car Appraisal application.
  • Building an app – A guided, hands-on workshop where delegates can design, build and test a no-code application themselves.
  • A look at what the future holds for this technology.

Workshop Benefits

Through instruction, small group discussions, exercises on a computer and case studies participants will:

  • Understand the power of using these 21st Century tools to enhance their Lean journey.
  • Understand the alternative ways these technologies can be implemented in an organization.
  • Learn by doing and see how easy it is to create a powerful app that provides better value with less waste.
  • The chance to meet with Lean practitioners who have deployed no-code solutions in their businesses in support of Lean experiments and Digital Transformation projects.
  • An insight into the trajectory of this technology with a focus on systems integration and interoperability with existing and future cloud services.

Who Should Attend? 

Leaders, management teams, lean practitioners and lean teams wanting to accelerate and improve the quality of their lean implementations.


  • Attendance – 1 Day Course
  • Class size – Maximum 20 people per day
  • Timings – Each day will run from 09:00 – 17:00
  • Cost:
    • Public Sector:   £400.00 – Government Funded
    • Private:            £425.00Note: Prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Materials – A PDF copy of the materials will be available via the Lean Enterprise Academy website
  • Facilities** – Refreshments and lunches will be provided by LEA

*Please note prices exclude VAT at the standard rate of 20%

We can also run these workshops in-house at your convenience, if you would like to explore this option please contact us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)1600 890590

Follow up (optional)

LEA provides an ongoing mentoring service for organisations involved in making Lean transformations. Lean Transformation Master Plans, supporting A3s & VSM’s developed by the organisation can be reviewed at 30/60/90 intervals. This provides the organisation with help and direction in sustaining the learning from the workshop process and helps highlight further learning opportunities that can be pulled, as and when required, by the organisation.

Other workshops available – please visit our events page for more details

The lessons learnt during this workshop give an overview of the entire Lean Transformation Framework