UK Lean Summit 2016 – PRE-SUMMIT MASTERCLASSES – Monday 14th November 2016

The UK Lean Summit 2016 is set to be one of our best events yet! 

We’ve developed the theme of Learning Lean, Lean Learning and this year will bring you 3 Pre-Summit Masterclasses that devlop your understanding of learning in different areas. 

Places on each Masterclass are limited to ensure you get the most out of the day and have time one on one with the presenter so book early to avoid dissapointment.

Grasping the Situation at the Gemba using the Lean Transformation Framework

Darren Walsh – Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

18 places available

Workshop Introduction

The Lean Enterprise Academy have teamed up with GE Power Services, Service Centre in Rugby, to hold a pre-summit masterclass where attendees will need to use all of their senses to understand the work, current condition and potential problems on a real gemba. This workshop combines walking the process with grasping the situation by utilising our Lean Transformation Framework to gain a greater understanding of what is Lean, and potential gaps that the organisation should solve to move to an improved level of performance.

GE Power Services, Service Centre in Rugby are leaders in providing repair solutions and spare parts for steam turbines to the power industry world-wide, the product & equipment is very large, can be slow moving and the work very technical and is therefore not obvious to see flow or performance. The facility, formerly Alstom Power started its Lean journey a number of years ago and is still at the early stages of their Lean transformation, and like many other business they employed a Lean leader and conducted a number of improvement activities.

Aims & Objectives

Through lecture, discussion, a mixture of class room and shop floor exercises, this workshop will help you develop a greater understanding of:

  • The facility’s approach to Lean transformation
  • Common approaches to Lean transformation, business improvement and the 3 Common Pitfalls to Lean Transformation
  • Lean thinking and the five dimensions of the Lean Transformation Framework
  • How we can use the Lean Transformation Framework in a hands on way to develop a greater understanding of the current situation, identifying:
    • What is the customer and organisational purpose and what value we are providing?
    • What problem are we trying to solve and how does this support our purpose?
    • How do we do and improve the actual work?
    • What are the current skills and how are we building capability?
    • What are the current leadership behaviours and management systems, how do they support an improved new way of working?
    • What basic thinking, mind-set, or assumptions comprise the existing culture, and are they helping to drive the transformation?
  • Potential organisational / team gaps that should addressed to move to the next level of business performance.
  • Potential strategies to address those gaps.

The critical role that leadership can play by ‘Grasping the Situation’ and addressing gaps within their organisation or team to help increase the speed, alignment & traction of their improvement efforts to solve key business problems.

*Due to the nature of this workshop, it is advised that you book early as the number of workshop attendees is restricted and final approval will be required from GE Power Services prior to visiting the facility. 

**Also, PPE will be required in the form of safety shoes and glasses.

Creating Lean Learning Experiences

David Brunt – Chief Executive, Lean Enterprise Academy

26 places available

Workshop Introduction

There have been lots of approaches to Lean. These range from teaching tools, running rapid improvement or kaizen events, mass training in groups, introducing consulting led management systems or developing expert groups within organisations. One question that continues to be asked is how do we develop everyone to think Lean – after all “Lean Thinking” is the title of the book in which Lean principles were articulated to a wide audience.

For the last couple of years I’ve been researching how to create “Lean Learning Experiences” – asking the question “what does it take to get each person we interact with to ‘understand’ think Lean and then actively take part in implementing improvements?” And “what would it take to develop a plan for each individual with the aim of implementing Lean right first time, on time – whilst increasingly deepening each individual’s learning and knowledge?

In this Pre-Summit Masterclass I will share the research and walk people through the process we’ve been using to create a series of “Lean Learning Experiences” and discuss the benefits of such an approach for both organisations and individuals.

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is:

  • To learn about the factors necessary to create a successful Lean transformation
  • To provide a framework to think about the learning experiences that help develop Lean Thinking and Doing capability
  • To share examples practical examples from our action research and discuss what has been learned from the approach

Lean Leadership Shaping Principles

Art Smalley – Author and President, Art of Lean, Inc. 

26 places available

Workshop Introduction

This presentation will center on ten shaping principles for becoming a better Lean Leader in terms of delivering results and developing people. The ten principles are based upon the experiences of the presenter during his career at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. There will be no foreign buzzwords or industry specific jargon utilized in this presentation. The principles are fundamental concepts which work in any environment or any size of team. Each principle will be presented with an example and then time will be reserved for discussion. This material is applicable to leaders at any level of an organization however it is mostly aimed at audiences who have direct line responsibility for performance results and personnel management. 

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is:

  • To learn about leadership principles and concepts for shaping different situations we face in Lean transformations
  • To provide a framework for leadership shaping principles and concepts used by Lean companies like Toyota
  • To share examples from personal experiences of the instructor and the participants by discussion.