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We are pleased to introduce the speakers for the UK Lean Summit 2016

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David Brunt – Chief Executive, LEA

David has been both applying and researching lean since 1990. He manages activities at the Lean Enterprise Academy and helps firms making a lean transformation. He has worked with Dan Jones since 1997. During that time he has been involved in both pioneering research into lean thinking and the practical implementation of lean practice.

He has walked, mapped, taught and coached lean in over 500 value streams across almost every conceivable environment – from manufacturing to service sectors in businesses such as steel production, vehicle and component assembly, FMCG, retailing, banking and financial services.

He spent over three and a half years as the Porsche Verbessrungs Process (PVP – Porsche Improvement Process) Manager at Porsche Cars Great Britain and carried out work to develop lean in after sales, used car processing and parts operations as well as conducting a number of other business process improvement projects at dealer and national sales company level. His work on lean dealer operations formed the basis for several chapters in James P. Womack and Daniel Jones’ book, “Lean Solutions” and led to him writing “Creating Lean Dealers – the lean route to satisfied customers, productive employees and profitable retailers” with John Kiff (2007.) He helps a growing number of dealers around the world successfully implement lean thinking and practice.

David has an MBA from Cardiff Business School where he specilaised in lean and supply chain management. In 2011 he contributed cases to the updated Lean Enterprise Institute workbook “Seeing the Whole Value Stream” by Dan Jones and Jim Womack (2011.) He is co-author of the book “Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Management – The Lean Approach” with David Taylor (2001.)

Daniel Jones – Chairman, LEA

Daniel Jones’ mission is to inspire, encourage and mentor executives to use lean thinking to solve their business problems. He co-authored the core books on lean and writes extensively to distil and share his research on the practice of lean.

He acts as an advisor to senior management on leading lean transformations, building lean management systems and designing lean value streams. He led many proof-of-concept projects in pioneering organisations to learn how lean can address new problems. He is a keynote speaker at in-company events, management meetings and public conferences.

He helped to spread lean thinking across the automotive industry and to aerospace, construction, retailing, consumer goods, services, healthcare and government in the UK and around the world. He founded the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK and helped establish the Lean Global Network of 18 non-profit institutes to spread lean thinking around the world.

Art Smalley – Author and Consultant, Art of Lean

Art Smalley is a renowned expert specializing in the area of world-class methods for operational improvement and leadership development. He is frequently called upon to speak at conferences and advise organizations on these topics and other related matters.
In the latter part of the 1980s, Art was one of the first Americans to work for Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, first studying at different universities in Japan and then learning Toyota Production System (TPS) improvement principles in the historic Kamigo engine plant where Taiichi Ohno was the founding plant manager. During his stay in Toyota, Art played an instrumental role in the development and transfer of both TPS methods and precision equipment to Toyota’s overseas plants.

After a decade in Japan, Art returned to the United States and served as Director of Lean Manufacturing for Donnelly Corporation, a $1 billion tier-one automotive parts supplier. During this time Donnelly Corporation executed one of the most impressive multi-site lean transformations in North American, winning multiple awards while substantially improving net income as well as operational metrics in safety, quality, productivity, delivery, and morale. As a result Art’s work and Donnelly was profiled in Forbes magazine and subsequently mentioned in numerous books and conferences.

In 1998 Art joined the international management consulting firm of McKinsey & Company and was one of the firm’s leading experts in the area of lean manufacturing. During this time he counseled Fortune 500 clients on operational matters involving lean implementation and oversaw numerous successful quality, cost, and delivery improvement projects.

In 2003 Art launched his own company — Art of Lean, Inc. — and now divides his time serving a diverse base of manufacturing clients such as Parker Hannifin, Delphi, Schlumberger, Gillette, Nexteer, Sandia National Laboratories, Private Equity groups, and many other organizations. A wide variety of articles, documents, and manuals are available on the extensive website.

Adrian Ruth – Director, Speak (lean Transformation) and Sustainability, BBC

Adrian has been leading BBC Spark, the BBC’s in-house lean transformation team, since its formation in January 2013. Spark brings resources, skills and ideas to help other parts of the BBC think differently about the way they work and change it for the better. Spark projects lead quickly to changes which have tangible results – making a real difference for audiences.

Alongside Spark, Adrian is also responsible for the BBC’s sustainability team and is the senior leader sponsor for Pride, the BBC’s LGBT staff network.

Before running Spark, Adrian had been at the BBC almost ten years, performing a number of senior executive roles. These included overseeing the BBC’s major strategic partnerships like YouView and Radio Player, keeping an eye on the BBC’s performance in terms of Quality, Reach, Impact and Value, and being Head of Department for BBC Policy & Strategy.

Prior to joining the BBC, Adrian was a strategy consultant with KPMG. He is a chartered accountant and barrister-at-law.

Gemma Tomkinson – Business Transformation Manager, BBC

Gemma was a Videojournalist at the Press Association covering national stories for multimedia news agencies eg. Virgin, Times, Daily Mail, AOL before digital was big.

She was also a Multimedia producer at ITV working on programmes to extend the brand and create online content eg. This Morning, X Factor and I’m a Celebrity.

Kirsty Robinson – Business Transformation Analyst, BBC

Kirsty started her career in consultancy before joining the BBC Spark team this year. As an Analyst she applies lean tools and techniques to Spark’s projects with teams from across the organisation, and ensures that data drives the decisions they make

Agustín Tena Leon – Shop and CI Manager, 365 Café

Although his first training was in electrical engineering, he chose to leave the engineering world to focus in the mechanics of the business. While working on the family company Agus, experienced precisely the function of each area and, above all, to understand the importance of treating people well. Completely involved in the Lean change, Agus has a Master’s degree on Lean Managment and a PDD at IESE Business School.

Oriol Cuatrecasas – Founder and Lean Development, Instituto Lean Management

Oriol Cuatrecasas, director at Instituto Lean (Barcelona), is an enthusiastic Lean practitioner. Trained in the automotive industry by Toyota sensei, currently combines his professional activity in the Spanish Lean Institute, lectures and research in the UPC University, educational workshops, co-learning activities with organizations, and research about Lean philosophy. Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), is part of the teaching staff in Master courses in Production, Lean Practitioner, Project Management and MBA programs. At the spanish Lean Institute, Oriol walk with the organizations in their path toward change, and has led many lean transformation projects.

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Wiebe Nijdam – Director, Lean Management Instituut

Wiebe Nijdam is Director at the Lean Management Instituut in the Netherlands, responsible for training and for the development of educational material. With a background in education and engineering, Wiebe has been applying lean principles and methods since 2001, when he worked in the automotive industry. Wiebe is a former director of a truck and trailer manufacturer.

Wiebe has led many lean implementations at different levels and organizations. With a keen interest in training in lean management and lean leadership principles in organizations, where lean is recognized as a systematical approach for continuous improvement, Wiebe is supporting companies around the world as they progress on their lean journeys.

David Canning – Group Leader Senior, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK)

David has worked at Toyota for the past 14 years. Working primarily in the Quality department.

Responsible for assuring the Quality of products & processes by development & application of auditing systems. He is a qualified assessor of Toyota’s quality systems application.

For the last two years he has worked within the Toyota Lean Management Centre applying TPS principles in a number of non-automotive companies. Part of this work has involved the coaching of individuals in TPS understanding & application.

Keith Edwards – Section Manager, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK)

Have been at Toyota 24 years, joined maintenance department as team member and progressed to section manager of the group until moving to the TLMC group. Was integral part of moving maintenance dept from Re-active (firefighting) to Pro-active(Planned Maintenance) using many lean tools ie waste elimination, visualisation, standardisation and ability to problem solve. Have also been trained as global auditor in Toyota standards, more recently have been working with various clients to coach lean techniques. 

Dr Miquel Sanchez – Medical Director, Accident and Emergency, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

Steve Warren – Supply Chain Development Director, AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings

Steve Warren is the Supply Chain Development Director for AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings, the makers of Dulux and Sikkens paints. Over the last 28 years, Steve has held a variety of roles in both R&D and Supply chain which have seen him based in China, America and the UK. Being based in different regions of the world has provided Steve the opportunity to experience different cultures and understand the behaviours of a global company requires too compete locally.

Since 2009 Steve has led the AkzoNobel Decorative supply chain’s Lean Transformation of its supply chains around the world encompassing 49 factories in 34 different countries. Steve is now working on extending the Lean Transformation beyond the supply chain to other functions in the Decorative business and is a key member of the AkzoNobel SC Academy which is working on programs to spread continuous improvement capabilities across all parts of the AkzoNobel business.

Louise Heather – ALPS Change and Communications, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints

  • An experienced project manager responsible for leading Change and Communications within Decorative Paints for AkzoNobel‘s Lean transformation: ALPS (AkzoNobel Leading Performance systems).
  • Previously responsible for Technical packaging development and implementation of Purchase to pay systems
  • Introduced to change management the hard way, when I was told we’d have a consultant on the team to provide advice on managing change. We still got it majorly wrong: not identifying key stakeholders and then not addressing their issues, inadequate senior management support, poor communication, you name it, we did it . . . wrong! We took every shortcut, counted bums on seats, only just getting away with it.

David Marriott – Global OpEx Director, Delphi Automotive

David Marriott joined Delphi in June 2016 as an Operational Excellence Director in their corporate team. He is currently working on helping to define and deploy operational excellence within their well-established Enterprise Operating System (EOS) framework. More specifically this has involved developing leaders in how to teach and coach others on problem solving, defining minimum standards for performance monitoring and continuous improvement planning and the different management styles needed to support a strategy deployment style organisation. 

Prior to Delphi David was with GKN for just over 8 years. His last role was as the Lean Enterprise and Quality Director for the Land Systems Division. Whilst there he created the divisional operating system, principles and standards for managing change and improvement to support the execution of the divisional strategic plan. He was also responsible for establishing Teamworking within Land Systems. This was a structured forum to help leaders solve business problems, together, in a common way promoting mutual self-help and development, whilst learning by doing. During that time he managed to achieve a 70% reduction in external quality problems.

Initially he joined GKN as a Global Continuous Improvement Leader as part of the Central Team responsible for the training and deployment of GKN’s Lean Enterprise Model. He has delivered over 30 weeks of training, to over 300 leaders within the business.

Before GKN, David worked for Toyota Motor Europe Manufacturing for more than 13 years. Initially he worked at the vehicle plant in Derby, supporting their European suppliers in the production preparation of new products. He then spent 2 years in Brussels, to help establish and prepare the supplier base for the start-up of the French plant and the Yaris vehicle.

His last role was as Senior Manager-Supplier Development, helping the more chronic suppliers improve their quality and delivery performance by applying TPS principles. He was also responsible for running the Supplier Association (TEAM) made up of 44 key strategic companies.

David’s career started at Triumph Motorcycles Ltd after graduating from Loughborough University. During that time he held roles in Production and Project Engineering.

Sharon Visser – Dealer Principle, Halfway Ngami Toyota, Botswana

Sharon Visser is the Dealer Principal of Halfway Toyota Ngami a Toyota dealership situated in the north of Botswana nestled between the meandering Okavango Delta and the vast Kalahari desert. In addition to 11 years of experience with Halfway Toyota Ngami she has worked as the General Manager of a freight logistics company and as a Operations Manager in the hospitality industry.

Born in Uganda and spending much of her life in rural Africa has given her a understanding of the challenges of working and living in remote areas in third world countries. This experience has given her a passion for uplifting the less advantaged and bringing them to a place of empowerment within the workplace.

Tim Marriott – Product Lead, Auto Trader UK

Marc McNeill – Customer Experience and Operations Director, Auto Trader UK

Pierre Masai – Vice President Information Systems, Toyota Motor Europe

Pierre Masai joined Toyota in 2005 as IS Director in the European Sales Organisation, and oversaw the merge of the various IS organisations of R&D, Manufacturing and Sales into one streamlined organisation in 2007, then the extension into a truly pan European organisation leading to the integration of TGB IS in 2012 and Toyota Informationssysteme GmbH (TIS) in 2013 (of which he is now also a Managing Director).

He developed and coordinated the Telematics activities of Toyota in Europe from the start in 2008 towards the delivery of the segment first Touch & Go starting with Yaris in 2011, the second generation of Multimedia/Telematics for Lexus and Toyota cars in 2013, and is now preparing the next generation of Connected Car activities with his Car IT team.

Before Toyota, Pierre Masai was Global CIO of Hays Logistics (based in Paris), Managing Director of Hays Logistics Deutschland (in Düsseldorf) and served in the Volkswagen Group for 17 years, including as CIO of Europcar International in Paris and Chairman of the Board of Europcar UK, Head of Organisation and IS at the joint venture FAW-Volkswagen in Changchun, China, and IT Director and member of the Board of Volkswagen Brussels.

Pierre Masai is a Belgian national, fluent in eight languages. He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics (1980) and a master’s degree in Information Technology (1982) from the Free University of Brussels, a postgraduate degree in business studies from the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management (1990), and followed the Toyota Executive Development Programme in 2008 in Wharton University in the USA and Toyota Mikkabi University in Japan.

Pierre Masai was born in 1958. His hobbies include jogging, golf and Lean IT.

Ian Gabrielides – Advanced Practitioner, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Ian has worked for Milliken for 8 years, initially joining the European Airbags Business in role to support the Supply Chain team he moved onto role as a Process Engineer and Lean Specialist. Ian helped the European Airbags Business adopt lean principles throughout the enterprise. Since 2013 Ian has worked for Performance Solutions by Milliken supporting clients out in the field adopt the Milliken Performance System principles as they build their own excellence systems.

Colin Hampson – Lean Champion, Milliken European Airbag Products (Milliken Industrials Limited)

Colin joined Milliken Industrials Limited as a Lean Champion in 2014. Working alongside Brian, Colin is a resource for Milliken associates across the European Airbags Business. Previous to working for Milliken Industrials Colin was employed by Crane as a Business System Facilitator with responsibility to execute the Crane Operational Excellence Programme. Previous to Crane Colin spent 20 years with Eaton Electrical Limited.

Brian Stott – Lean Champion, Milliken European Airbag Products (Milliken Industrials Limited)

Brian has worked for Milliken Industrials Limited for over 40 years undertaking a number roles. In more recent years Brian has worked in the Technical Department as a Process Specialist supporting a number of airbag fabric manufacturing processes. Since 2012 Brian has held the position of Lean Champion supporting, coaching and mentoring Milliken associates across the European Airbags Business.

Ian Bergman – Head of Operational Excellence, Zehnder Group

Ian Bergman has been Head of Operational Excellence at Zehnder Group International since 2012. After obtaining a B.Sc. (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering & Management from Brunel University in 1986 he spent over 20 years in the automotive industry, including Ford in the UK and international first and second tier suppliers. His first practical experience with Lean in 1992 was establishing a dedicated manufacturing cell for precision turned speedometer shafts. He has worked extensively in both Eastern Europe and Asia and lived in Switzerland for the last 25 years.

After completing an Executive MBA in 1998, he was an associated lecturer with the Open University for 12 years and is now part of the faculty of Seattle City University. The last 10 years have be spent adopting the automotive philosophy to medium sized Swiss companies with international subsidiaries, who have been subjected to major currency fluctuations and increasing global competition.

He is currently working with the founder of Quick Response Manufacturing, Prof Rajan Suri to adapt Lean to high product variation with huge demand fluctuations.

Terry O’Donoghue – Chief Operating Officer, Halfway Toyota

Terry retired from Toyota South Africa in 2010 after having been with them for 30 years.  At the time of his retirement he was Vice President of Customer Service, responsible for Parts Distribution and the Technical support to the dealer network in Southern Africa.

Over the years he held various positions in Vehicle Distribution, Exports, Production Planning and Production Control, Finance, Demand Planning, Product Planning, Marketing and IT. For 5 years he was Vice President Vehicle Supply Chain, an early attempt to bring the full vehicle planning value stream together from  Marketing and Demand Planning through Production Scheduling and Control, Inbound procurement and logistics to Vehicle Distribution and Allocation. This sought to apply TPS across the whole chain and work to the best system outcome rather than the functional area optimisation.  Working in a line role across both Marketing and Manufacturing operations was a very educational experience.

During 2011 Terry became increasingly involved in the Halfway Group and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2012. His particular focus and interest is the use of TPS in the retail end of the motor vehicle industry, and the role it can play in transforming the customer interface. 

Jim Womack – Founder and Senior Advisor, Lean Enterprise Institute

Management expert James P. Womack, Ph.D., is the founder and senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc., a nonprofit training, publishing, conference, and management research company chartered in August 1997 to advance a set of ideas known as lean production and lean thinking, based initially on Toyota’s business system and now being extended to an entire lean management system.

The intellectual basis for the Cambridge, MA-based Institute is described in a series of books and articles co-authored by Womack and Daniel Jones over the past 20 years. The most widely known books are: The Machine That Changed the World(Macmillan/Rawson Associates, 1990), Lean Thinking (Simon & Schuster, 1996), Lean Solutions (Simon & Schuster, 2005), andSeeing The Whole Value Stream (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2011). Articles include: “From Lean Production to the Lean Enterprise” (Harvard Business Review, March-April, 1994), “Beyond Toyota: How to Root Out Waste and Pursue Perfection” (Harvard Business Review, September-October, 1996), “Lean Consumption” (Harvard Business Review, March-April, 2005).

Womack received a B.A. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1970, a master’s degree in transportation systems from Harvard in 1975, and a Ph.D. in political science from MIT in 1982 (for a dissertation on comparative industrial policy in the U.S., Germany, and Japan). During the period 1975-1991, he was a full-time research scientist at MIT directing a series of comparative studies of world manufacturing practices. As research director of MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Program, Womack led the research team that coined the term “lean production” to describe Toyota’s business system.

Womack served as the Institute’s chairman and CEO from 1997 until 2010 when he was succeeded by John Shook.

Martin Lunn – Global Continuous Improvement Leader, Delphi Automotive