What You Will Learn in Skill Level 1 Course


Problem Solving is one of the most basic building blocks for any lean system.


Purpose, Process and People

In Purpose, you will learn about where Problem Solving fits in to the Lean Transformation Framework.

Also, why is it important and the benefits of using it.

For Process, we will explain the different types of problems and the methods required to help solve them

In People, you will understand the behaviours and leadership skills required around Problem Solving, and how that supports employee involvement and teamworking.

Knack Points

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The Level 1 course can be completed in a relatively short space of time (approx. 2 hrs). You may however take longer or shorter – it depends upon your existing knowledge and experience.

If you can partner with other people to do the learning together, this would be good – but not essential!

It will make it more fun and you will learn from other people’s perspectives – we all see things differently!

Make sure you critically reflect on your current thinking against the information provided.

Doing a reflection and learning from your past experiences will enable you to more more effective in the future and develop your thinking way.

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