Purpose – Rapid Problem Solving

Why is Problem Solving So Important?

Download the top section of the 4 Step Rapid Problem Solving Teach Poster and the Facilitation Guide to review the “Purpose, Process & People” Sections.

4 Step RPS Teach Poster Level 1
RPS Level 1 Teach Poster Facilitation Guide

Each visual from the Teach Poster will be covered in more detail in the below sections.

Problem Solving & the Lean Transformation Framework

Lean Thinking & Practice Starts with question 1 from the Lean Transformation Frame Work

What’s Your Value Driven Purpose?

What situational problems are you trying to solve?

Key questions you need to answer for your situation:


Does everyone know the purpose of their work and why it is important?

Does everyone know the value they create and the contribution it makes to the organisation?

Does each person know their specific, situational problem to solve?

Asking and clarifying “what is the problem to solve” should be clear BEFORE you:

  • Start any improvement to the work.
  • Develop people to improve the work.
  • Lead people to solve problems and make improvements.

Everyone should be able understand what “problems they need to solve” and how it’s connected to the value driven purpose of your organisation.

Watch the Teach Point Video On Problem Solving Purpose

Key Learning Points – Purpose

Problems are Good!

Having no problem is the biggest problem of all !

Taiichi Ohno

Once you know you have a problem you can do something about it.

We should see problems as opportunities for improvement, not hide them.

Remain Competitive

Grow the Organisation

Solving problems helps us to be better which helps us to grow and will keep us competitive in our value driven purpose

Develops the People

Teaching/Coaching and using problem solving skills needs to be everyone’s role not just for specialists. Helping people solve problems supports employee engagement.

Develops the Organisation

A learning organisation will grow and deliver business results faster, better and cheaper than others.

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