Learn Lean Better, Faster & Cheaper

Our major goal is to provide all the learning processes and support material you need in one place to become self-reliant in applying lean thinking & practice to your situation. We are continuously researching how to learn and sustainably apply lean in the best, fastest and cheapest way possible, so you benefit as an individual or organisation.

We have done a lot of research to understand how to learn lean most effectively. We know from practical application that skill/capability development is best described as a journey. A guided learning path, progressing from awareness and knowledge of a subject, through understanding, being capable and finally to being able to teach and coach others.

Our Learning Platform Subscription is designed to help you learn lean better, faster and cheaper through our online learning platform. The subscription gives you access to all our current online courses, webinars and materials on the learning platforms, and starts from just £99.99 + VAT/year. All OF the revenue made from subscription goes back into developing our learning platform and supporting materials. The more people/organisations subscribe our learning platform, the faster we can develop more learning processes and supporting materials.

There are 2 versions of the Learning Platform Subscription available, Individual and Enterprise. If you are looking to rollout the subscription within your team/organisation we recommend that you purchase the Enterprise Subscription. The Enterprise version lets you easily create and manage a group, as well as track the progress of each group member. Learn more about how our Learning Platform Subscriptions works below.