Rapid Problem Solving On-Demand Webinar

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This is a video recording of our Rapid Problem Solving webinar. Included is access to a video of the webinar, a copy of the presentation slides, a transcript of the webinar, our Rapid Problem Solving Teach Poster & supporting facilitation guide, and more.


Published: December 2021

Author: Lean Enterprise Academy


Rapid Problem Solving On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about problem solving in terms of “Purpose”, “Process” and “People.” In addition, participants will gain an overview of the 4 step methodology. Lastly, we will review a Rapid Problem Solving Quadrant Chart  Case Study.

So, using the right problem solving methods for the different types of problems is key to engaging everyone. Therefore, people can identify and solve problems with their daily work.

See how Rapid Problem Solving can be used by Team Leaders and Team members to scientifically solve the numerous “day to day” less complex problems they encounter. (rather than jumping to solutions!)

Using our visual Teach Poster we explain the Purpose, Process & People of Rapid Problem Solving

Rapid Problem Solving Level 1 Teach Poster
  • An on-demand version of the webinar
  • A copy of the slides from the Presentation
  • A transcript from the webinar
  • Rapid Problem Solving Teach Poster
  • Rapid Problem Solving Teach Poster Facilitation Guide
  • Evaluation Exercise Materials


Session Breakdown:
  • Introduction/Welcome
  • The Teach Poster Concept
  • Problem Solving: Introduction, Purpose, Process & People
  • Questions & Answers
  • Overview of the 4 Steps
  • Rapid Problem Solving Quadrant Chart
  • Lean Learning Journey for Rapid Problem Solving
  • Summary
  • Questions & Answers

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