Raise the Bar: Zero to 1 Billion: Combining Lean and Digital for People-Centric, Sustainable Growth

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From zero to 1 billion! See how Aramis Group founders integrated lean and digital to fuel rapid growth by developing employees.

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This blow-by-blow account of learning at the workplace reveals how relentless focus on solving customers’ problems, encouraging teamwork across silos, and using lean principles and tools to visualize learning opportunities paved a path to enduring success.

With lean thinking, the authors created a game plan to turn the many unavoidable crises of growth into occasions for personal and collective progress and to establish the company as a circular-economy pioneer with the large-scale refurbishment and resale of preowned cars.

Raise the Bar shares the authors’ lean journey and how daily problem-solving revealed that rigid processes are the problem and people the solution, and how this led them to radically change their management model:

  • From command and control to orient and support
  • From managing by the numbers to teamwork
  • From demanding compliance to setting up a chain of help
  • From local optimization to wall-to-wall lead-time improvement

This inspiring journey will show you new ways to think about combining digital, brick-and-mortar, and lean for stability, agility, rapid growth, and sustainability.