Practical Problem Solving Video Overview

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A video overview level 1 course in our Lean Learning Journey platform that focuses on Practical Problem Solving and A3 Thinking.


Published: December 2020

Author: Lean Enterprise Academy, Peter Watkins Courses


    This on-line short course focuses on Practical Problem Solving and A3 Thinking. The materials serve the following purposes:
    • To give a learner basic knowledge on the subject of problem solving.
    • To engage the learner in starting their own learning journey on the subject of problem solving.
    • To provide supplementary information for those purchasing Managing to Learn or Four Types of Problems.
    The materials are organised using the Training Within Industry format of: Prepare the Learner, Present the Learning Topic, Try Out the Learning Topic and Follow Up. Topics include:

    • Background – Purpose, Process & People of the 8 step problem solving method.
    • Overview of The Lean Transformation Framework.
    • Key questions to ask and answer for your problem situation.
    • The concepts of “Go and See,” following a structured scientific method, PDCA, developing current, target and ultimate goals.
    • 8 video overviews of each step of the practical problem solving methodology (15 minute total duration) .
    • Practical next steps to develop capability in problem solving.
    • Contains links to 4 key problem solving articles.
    • Next steps to develop your lean learning journey.