Employee Involvement Teamworking Bundle – Teach Poster & Facilitation Guide

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This is a bundle of our Employee Involvement Teamworking Teach Poster & our Employee Involvement Teamworking Facilitation Guide. The separate selling price for the Teach Poster is £24.99 and for the Facilitation Guide is £19.99.


ISBN: 978-1-9152960-1-6

Published: May 2022

Author: Lean Enterprise Academy


About the Teach Poster

This teach poster explains the Purpose, Process and People elements of Employee Involvement Teamworking, these elements are:

  • Purpose – Why do Employee Involvement Teamworking?
  • Process – Employee Involvement Activities
  • People – Employee Involvement Roles
The teach poster includes the Lean Transformation Framework (Purpose) and shows the 5 steps to follow for the Employee Involvement Teamworking journey, as well what employee involvement looks like (Process). The Employee Involvement Roles are broken down into the leaders role and the team member role (People). The poster is a great visual for those who are progressing on their Employee Involvement Teamworking Learning Journey. The A1 sized poster has a vinyl finish and is rolled in a cardboard tube for packaging and delivery purposes.

Why use a Teach Poster?

After many years of research and experimentation, we have found that a Teach Poster concept works best. Rather than a 100 page PowerPoint slide deck, we have tried to distil the subject matter down onto one piece of paper – a bit like an A3. The images/pictures are used over words to stimulate interest and discussion. These are simple, imaged based triggers to remind you of the key concepts and learning points. From our experience, we have found this to be the most effective way to teach others and enable them to share their knowledge quickly and easily with others.

Facilitation Guide

The Employee Involvement Teamworking Facilitation Guide is written for our Employee Involvement Teamworking Teach Poster. This Facilitation guide covers the Important Steps, Key Points and Reasons for each of the images to assist you and/or your team when starting out to teach.

The Key Points are to ensure understanding of the Important Steps. Think of them as the special pieces of information which you need to impart to your team to really get them to understand what you are tying to say. Finally, the Reasons are an explanation of why these steps and points are necessary.

Included in this bundle:

These products are included with our Learning Platform Subscription as a digital download.

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