Muda – The 8 Wastes – Skill Level 1: Knowledge Course

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Published: April 2021

Author: Lean Enterprise Academy, Peter Watkins Courses


Muda – The 8 Wastes course. In this module learn about understanding, identifying and eliminating waste (Muda in Japanese).  The 8 Wastes in your work activities are one of the most basic building blocks for any lean system.

Understanding waste in your work is fundamental because work is usually made up of value added activities and non value added activities that increase the cost and time of carrying out the work to be done. If you can eliminate the non value added activities from the work you can deliver more value to your customers and organisation. The course is divided into sections. These are as follows:

  • In Purpose, you will learn about where Muda the 8 Wastes fits in to the Lean Transformation Framework. Also, why it is so important and the benefits of idenitfying & eliminating it.
  • For Process, we will explain the 8 different types of Waste to identify in the work and give examples of them.
  • In People, you will understand the roles and responsibilities around identifying and eliminating waste , and how that supports employee involvement and teamworking.

In summary, the material includes:

    • A visual teach poster explaining the key concepts.
    • 4 Topics – Background, Purpose, Process and People.
    • Explanation of each of the wastes in manufacturing and service environments.
    • A handy waste observation sheet to download, print and keep for quick reference.
    • Learning confirmation process.
    • Certificate of completion.

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