Lean Transformation Framework Webinar

Join us on the 17th November at 3:30pm UK time for our 

Lean Transformation Framework Webinar

The Lean Enterprise Academy has developed a Lean Transformation Framework webinar. In January 2014, John Shook shared the Lean Transformation Framework. This is the approach we have been developing to guide transformations with our partner companies (large and small) across a wide range of industries. The framework introduces a way to think about applying lean thinking & practice (in the same way that Dan Jones and Jim Womack taught us the way to “Think” about Lean). In recent years there has been much confusion, misinterpretation and misunderstanding about lean thinking and application.


A tool/methodology based or project only type approach and the over focus on certain aspects of lean has led to some critical dimensions of transformation not being addressed. In addition, the prolific selling of Lean services has created overcomplexity, or biased approaches for self-gain. This has therefore driven people away from thinking about how they should apply it to their situation. Thus many end up following a “silver bullet” rollout approach, rather than “learning by doing” around the problems you need to solve.

The Lean Transformation Framework provides and guides you with 5 questions on how to apply Lean Thinking & Practice, without all the confusion!

It enables you to think deeper about your situation and consider the critical dimensions that enable better application & learning to your unique situation.

The act of implementing Lean in practice will always need experimentation and adjustment around solving your situational problems. Just as Toyota has developed many methods & tools over the years to solve their problems (which we can learn from, but may not need to be applied to your situation).

We have been developing key lean transformation framework learning materials alongside John Shook, so people can better understand the approach and use it themselves. The purpose of our webinar is to simply explain what the LTF is and how it can be used to apply Lean Thinking & Practice to your situational needs, either as an individual, team or entire organisation.

The 5 Dimensions of the Lean Transformation Framework

What Problem are we trying to solve?

Lean always starts with the customer. Asking what value we need to provide. The question “what problem are we trying to solve?” is fractal. It applies equally to a whole organisation, a team or an individual. How are you doing organisationally and individually with this question? Does your organisation have a clear purpose? Do individuals have clear line of sight to it? 

How do we do & improve the actual work?

What is the work to be done to solve the problem? This is also fractal – from individual, standardised work level to value stream or enterprise value stream level. Have you defined your current state, what your target (future state)? What steps and experiments are needed to close the gaps between current and target condition?

How do we develop the capabilities we need?

Having defined the work to be done, we now ask what capabilities we need to do and improve the work to provide the value. Capability development is needed on (at least) two dimensions; capability to do the work and capability to improve the work. 

What management system & leadership behaviours are required to support the new way of working?

The design of the management system and leadership behaviours is key to designing the work and developing the capability. They are intrinsic to sustaining progress and further improvement. Are you asking specific questions with a view to this, linking back to the purpose of the organisation?

What Basic Thinking, Mindset & Assumptions drive this change?

The final question challenges our basic thinking or assumptions about how we do things. When Lean Thinking “it is easier to act your way into a new way off thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting.” Uncovering your basic thinking, mindset and assumptions helps articulate the thinking, mindset and assumptions needed. Ohno described TPS as a “revolution in consciousness” developed, not by grand design but by problem solving and designing experiments. 

Learn how to apply Lean Thinking & Practice correctly – It’s not a tools based approach!

lean transformation framework webinar

During the webinar we will firstly go through a “live teach session” on the Lean Transformation Framework.

This will be followed by an interactive Q & A session for clarification.

Secondly, we will review the Lean Transformation Framework in practice. After that there will be another interactive Q & A session to confirm learning.

We will use our newly developed teach poster so you can gain knowledge on:

  • Purpose – Why you need to use LTF
  • Process – The considerations when applying LTF
  • People – The behaviours needed to enable Lean Thinking & Practice

After the webinar, you will receive free access to a recorded version of the webinar and all of the materials used during the session.

Using our visual Teach Poster we will explain how organisations can apply the “Lean Transformation Framework” situationally

Watch John Shooks Introduction Video on the Lean Transformation Framework

Watch a short animation of the Lean Transformation Framework narrated by John Shook.

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Our event is hosted in Microsoft Teams. This provides a user friendly experience. We will send an invitation link prior to the webinar. From there you can join the session before it commences.

Want to develop your Lean Capability?

Take a look at our Lean Learning Journey platform which contains free and paid learning courses. In addition we also sell the best support material including posters, guides & books to assist you in your lean transformation.

Webinar Agenda and Session Breakdown:

3:30 pm - 3:35 pm

Introduction / Welcome

Effective lean learning is about developing capability. Teaching people to fish, not fishing for them.

David Brunt - CEO, Lean Enterprise Academy

3:35 pm - 3:40 pm

Background to the Lean Transformation Framework and the Teach Poster Concept

Background to the Lean Transformation Framework. Then learn about our teach poster method. A breath of fresh air to get away from powerpoint lean training.

David Marriott - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

3:40 pm - 4:00 pm

Lean Transformation Framework: Introduction, Purpose, Process & People

Understand the purpose, process and people for a sustainable Lean Transformation Framework.


David Marriott - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

4:00 pm - 4:05 pm

Questions & Answers

Questions and discussion on the content so far.

David Marriott - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

Peter Watkins - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

David Brunt - CEO, Lean Enterprise Academy

4:05 pm - 4:15 pm

The Lean Transformation Framework in Practice

Review and learn from a example of a Lean Transformation Framework in practice.

David Brunt - CEO, Lean Enterprise Academy

4:15 pm - 4:20 pm

Learning Process for the Lean Transformation Framework

Developing your skills on your Lean Learning Journey.

Peter Watkins - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

4:20 pm - 4:30 pm

Questions & Answers

Check for understanding. Get sign posts to useful materials.

Peter Watkins - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

David Marriott - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

David Brunt - CEO, Lean Enterprise Academy

4:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Discussion (optional)

Attendees are welcome to an optional 15 minute discussion once the session finishes.

Peter Watkins - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

David Marriott - Senior Lean Coach, Lean Enterprise Academy

David Brunt - CEO, Lean Enterprise Academy