Lean Summit 2008 – Lean Transformation Summit


21st November 2008


QEII Conference Centre, London, UK



Over 300 delegates listened to 12 presentations on Lean process, Lean management, Lean leadership, Lean transformation and Lean strategy at the first one day UK Lean Transformation Summit for senior managers on 21st November 2008 at the QE II Conference Centre in London.

Audience reaction was very positive and we will organize further events of this kind in the future.

  • Are you realising that there is more to lean than engaging employees in eliminating waste through deploying lean tools, running rapid improvement events and sending lean experts from HQ to help?
  • Are you struggling to get functional managers to cooperate in linking activities across your organisation and beyond into seamless end-to-end processes that deliver more value at lower cost?
  • How much time do your managers spend fire-fighting instead of leading process improvement activities and developing the problem skills of their employees?
  • Are you using the scientific method to define your key objectives, to plan your improvement activities and to reflect and spread the results across your entire organisation?
  • Are you spending a huge amount of time and effort to sell your products to strangers rather than working with your customers to help them solve their problems?

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What is every process in your organisation was lean?

Daniel Jones - Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited

What would happen if you were taken over by a really Lean organisation?

Frits Nygaard - Senior Advisor, DI Confederation of Danish Industries, Denmark

What changes as you move from modern management to Lean management?

Jim Womack - Founder and Senior Advisor, Lean Enterprise Institute

How can visual management help prioritize actions for top management?

Takashi Tanaka - Senior Business Consultant, QV System

How can lean leaders develop their people through A3 Thinking?

John Shook - CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute

How do you focus everyone on doing the right things using strategy deployment?

Pascal Dennis - Principal, Lean Productivity Systems, USA

How to diagnose your organisation to chart your lean journey?

Stephen Parry - Thought Leader in Lean Enterprise Architect., See Business Differently

How do you design a Lean transformation process across a large enterprise?

René Aernoudts - Chairman, Lean Management Instituut

How to develop managers able to lead and sustain end-to-end value streams?

Video presentation unavailable

Dave Brunt - Chief Executive, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited

What does being customer focused really mean?

Alan Mitchell - Co Founder, Mydex and Ctrl-Shift

How we designed our business around our customers' problems

Alex Cheatle - CEO, Ten, UK

Lean strategy: Going where your competitors will struggle to follow

Daniel Jones - Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy Limited