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In addition, we have a plan to add over 40 Lean Skills development courses. Each supports use of the Lean Transformation Framework


7 Problem Solving Tools – Skill Level 1: Knowledge

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A3 Practical Problem Solving Video Overview

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A3 document types and uses cover

A3 Document Types & Uses – Skill Level 1: Knowledge

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Standardised Work – Skill Level 1: Knowledge

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8 Step Practical Problem Solving – Skill Level 1: Knowledge

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8 Step Practical Problem Solving – Skill Level 2: Understanding

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Above all, if there is a lean skills development course you want and dont see, please contact us and let us know

The Lean Learning Journey

The Lean Learning Journey process is based around four skill levels

1. Knowledge.

2. Understanding.

3. Capable.

4. Can Do Well, Teach & Coach Others. 

Using the Lean Learning Courses

By using the Lean Learning Courses, you become self-reliant on your lean journey. Therefore, you can share your learning and develop others in your team or organisation to become effective learners for life.

To develop thinking and practice through each skill level we use a four step guided learning path. This follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. We use a Visual Poster where necessary to explain the concepts and develop understanding. Where possible this is combined with a case study or activity to learn by doing.

Capability Development

Developing People Capability is the true intent of our Lean Learning Journey platform. Above all, organisations use it in conjunction with their existing learning methods and materials or as a standalone reference point. It helps individuals plan their own development to fill gaps in capability. 

Being online it is self paced to customer needs, available time and learning speed. We offer onsite and/or online coaching and support focussing on skill development rather than just training completion or certification.

The subject matter materials enable successful delegates to go and teach and coach others. A facilitation guide supplements the Visual Posters This explains the “important steps”, “key points” and “reasons why” to ensure a rich and full learning experience.

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