Lean Digital World – Friday the 4th December 2020

Don’t wait for change to be forced upon you or to fall further behind, to succeed in the new world it’s time to challenge what you do and Rethink, Refocus and Rebuild.

The New World: In just 15 years, since the launch of the next generation smart phone there has been a been a fundamental shift in our lives and in what the worlds most valuable organisations do.  Over 70% of these organisations are now technology/digital organisations. However the digital shift is much bigger as many traditional organisations also embrace digital and new technologies as they seek to keep pace with the disruptive thinkers.  (Ref: Forbes and the worlds most valuable brands.)

What separates successful organisations and teams from the rest is the ability to learn quicker and deeper, embracing technology and improvement tools for the right things and having the courage to move beyond traditional management thinking and practice. 

It’s clear that many are still learning how a 50-year-old industrial management system (aka Lean Thinking) can help us grow in our 21st century digital world.  Even now, despite their lofty positions the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft are learning how to reduce unnecessary management reporting and improve decision making, by having leaders spend more time observing the work to identify underlying issues.  Aswell as embracing tools and techniques to develop and deliver better products, quicker and more consistently than before.

Lean Digital Group

The Lean Digital Learning Group, brings together key members from our Lean Institutes around the world to collaborate and continuously improve.  Our long-term aim is to develop a community of Lean Digital thinkers and doers to help face the challenges of the new digital world. 

We are not just speaking to those people who code, the scrum masters or agile project managers. Lean Digital thinking and practice has a much greater influence on our new world and impacts us whether we work on physical or digital products and how we service the needs of customers.  

It also infiltrates the core workflows of every organisation: 

  • Sales processes and customer buying decisions (gorging ourselves on internet content before making a decision to buy and how we find customers, connections and deliver information.)
  • How we develop new products, understanding & testing customer value at each stage of the development process, selecting concepts and key features prior to detailed design.
  • How we deliver customer projects and orders, reducing the waste of searching and that of re-entering and re-keying data so that we can spend time on more important tasks (knowing where we should and should not use automation.)   
  • And how we engage with customers to proactively understand their needs, frustrations and help add greater value. 

There’s also a big risk, you can embrace the new digital world, with new technologies and connectivity from a traditional management mindset and end up jumping to solutions and burning a hole in the budget.  Or you can look at things from a lean thinking mindset, and one that helps people to discover, learn and grow, overcoming more complex challenges as they move forward. Running a series of trials prior to any big investment. 

Lean Digital World Event: Virtual Conference on Friday 4th Dec 2020 @ 12:00 to 16:30 GMT

We invite you to join us for the Lean Digital World event, and become part of a communitity to learn to apply Lean Digital thinking and practice for your organisation.

  • Learn how a 50-year-old industrial management system (aka Lean Thinking) can help us grow and succeed in our 21st century digital world?

To help us face the challenges of the new world, and in the spirit of deep and rapid learning we’ve put together our Lean Digital event which includes: 

  • 4.5 hours of presentations and discusion covering various aspect of Lean Digital thinking & practice.
  • 9 presentations each 18 minutes long presented by a mixture of industry & thought leaders.
  • 4 discussions and question and answer sessions facilitated by Lean Institutes from around the world.

Presentations are grouped in 4 key themes:

How can we use Lean Digital thinking and practice to help develop better products, quicker and at a lower cost? And what can the physical and digital worlds of product development learn from each other?
How can we apply lean thinking to digital processes and services? And perhaps more importantly how can we apply digital processes and techniques to enhance Lean Thinking?
Developing organizational capability and performance. Learning from Lean and Industry 4.0? & Lean Digital for the corporate world?
How can we use Lean Digital thinking and practices to disrupt process, industries and basic thinking? What are the major impacts on strategic thinking and leadership? And how can you, as a professional, transform yourself in the face of the digital revolution? 

Next Steps:

We invite you to join us for the Lean Digital World event, and become part of a communitity to learn to apply Lean Digital thinking and practice for your organisation.