How to Develop People and Improve Business Performance

We are extremely pleased to announce our calendar of events for the next 4 months that includes our new International Series Event at the end of March.  This selection of Lean Public Workshops have been developed around our Lean workbooks, they also explore elements of the Lean Transformation Framework and are based on challenges that we hear regularly from our community.

Whether you are seeking to address repetitive performance problems, reduce process variability, streamline your core business processes to improve customer and business performance, embark on an organisation wide step change with a Lean Transformation or develop your organisations improvement capability, the Lean Enterprise Academy is here to support you.  

Current workshops will be held at our offices in Goodrich, near Ross on Wye or at a location near you.  However, We can also run these workshops in-house at your convenience, if you would like to explore this option please contact us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)1600 890590

Lean Enterprise Academy Public Workshop Schedule: 
A3 Thinking (Managing to Learn) – 2 Days  
December 7th & 8th  
Location: Lean Enterprise Academy, Ross-on-Wye, UK.  ( Just a Few Places Remaining)

Through instruction, discussions, a video workshop and a simulation activity, participants will learn the importance of:

  • Understanding and focusing on customer value at every step and seeing the link between customer purpose and business purpose
  • Resolving problems in a structured way
  • Using PDCA to sustain the improvements effectively
  • Solving repetitive business problems

“Mapping to See” Value Stream Improvement for the Office and Services – 2 Days
January 18th & 19th                                
Location: Lean Enterprise Academy, Ross-on-Wye, UK.  

Through instruction, small group discussions and exercises, the workshop participants will:

  • Introduce Lean and Value Stream Improvement for the office or service in a practical hands-on manner.
  • Develop the ability to “see the flow” and create Future State Value Streams to improve business performance.
  • Understand how to redesign a value stream for improved quality, cost & service
  • Demonstrate how Value Stream Improvement can be part of any business strategy to improve office process and services.

Learning to See (Value Stream Mapping at the Gemba) – 3 Days
February 21st – 23rd                                 
Location: GE Power Services, Service Centre in Rugby, UK

Through hands on instruction, group discussions and exercises, the workshop participants will:

  •        Learn how to identify a product family
  •        Learn how to see the entire value stream for a particular product family.
  •        Understand how to develop a current state map of the value stream
  •        Learn to see and to identify and eliminate waste
  •        Design a future state map
  •        Learn ‘what makes a value stream lean’
  •        Develop the future state implementation plan to achieve immediate breakthrough results.

Lean Enterprise Institute/Lean Enterprise Academy International Workshops in the UK
March 27th – 29th 
Location: Manchester, UK

The Lean Enterprise Academy and Lean Enterprise Institute are collaborating to bring you a wide selection of Lean Public Workshops
Lean Enterprise Institute and Lean Enterprise Academy Workshop Schedule

The public workshops above will be delivered by a mix of our US and UK faculty, including: Mark Reich, Josh Howell, David Brunt and Darren Walsh.

Standardised Work: Foundation for Improvement (Kaizen) – 2 Days
April 26th – 27th 
Location: The Bounds, Much Marcle, Ledbury, UK

Through instruction, small group discussions, exercises and video workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Standard Work and its importance in the foundation of a Lean management system.
  • Prepare standardised work forms.
  • Introduce standardization techniques to improve:  
    • Training
    • Waste elimination
    • Sustainability of improvement
    • Predictability of results