23rd October 2019
John Shook
Chester, UK

John Shook first shared the Lean Transformation Framework (the questions we use to guide and evaluate Lean Thinking and Practice in organisations) in 2014. Since that time, we’ve conducted multiple experiments and conducted lots of continuous improvement to the process.

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Gemba Walks
Customer Site and / or sites around the U.K

Gemba - What a wonderful word. The place - any place in any organisation - where humans create value. But how do we understand the gemba? And, more important, how do we make it a better place - one where we can create more value with less waste, variation, and overburden (also known, respectively, as muda, mura, and muri)?

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Lean Principles
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LEA has continually conducted experiments to develop ways of explaining the key concepts of Lean with higher quality in a shorter lead-time. In this workshop we use a simulation to help any organisation understand the five Lean principles - value, value stream, flow, pull and perfection - whilst integrating the concepts of purpose, process, people and the scientific method of PDCA.

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17th April 2018
UK Lean Summit 2018
Manchester, UK

As part of our mission to help organisations with their Lean journeys the Lean Enterprise Academy held its annual UK Lean Summit at MacDonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, UK.

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