4 Step Rapid Problem Solving – Skill Level 3: Capable

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Course Summary

4 Step Rapid Problem Solving – Skill Level: 3 Capable


Objectives: This 4 Step Rapid Problem Solving – Skill Level 3: Capable Course explains the process to follow to develop others in the the Rapid Problem Solving (RPS) method. Use the LEA Skill Level 1: Knowledge and Skill Level 2: Understanding Courses to Teach your Delegate(s). This Course explains the debrief sessions after the learning sessions to confirm their Understanding and then how to Coach them to become Capable by solving an actual problem on to an RPS Quadrant Chart. You will learn what Coaching is and isn’t, skills to use to Coach others and a method of evaluating RPS Quadrant Charts to ensure they demonstrate a satisfactory standard of achievement and delegate capability.

Before embarking on developing others to become Capable it is imperitive that you have either:

  1. Completed multiple RPS Quadrant Charts yourself and are capable yourself in using the method.
  2. Completed an A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving (PPS) to a successful conclusion.

Without this level of experience you will not be able to coach others in becoming Capable in Rapid Problem Solving (RPS) and this course is not appropriate for you.


Duration: 2 hours of self-paced learning to understand the development process to follow. The actual process takes between 6 -8 weeks to develop others to become capable.


This is an online course only so there are no “live coaching” sessions for extra support.

If you would like support with live coaching however, please contact us directly at the LEA by emailing us at [email protected]


Content: This online course is interactive and contains a Teach video on Coaching and the Learning Journey Process and Schedule to take your Delegates through.


Support Material :- RPS Teach Poster & Facilitation Guide, Delegate Workbook, RPS Visual Guide and Evaluation Sheet, 7 Problem Solving Tools Leaflet, Blank RPS Quadrant Chart template, Coaching Materials.

Play Introduction Video

Level 3 Course Overview

Watch Example Teach Point Video From the Skill Level 2 Course

Step 2 – Answer Reveal

W<strong>hat you will learn</strong> <br> <img class=”wp-image-16572″ style=”width: 79px;” src=”https://www.leanuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/icon-1.png” alt=””>

Course Introduction

4 Step Rapid Problem Solving – Skill Level 3: Capable

A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving: Skill Levels 1 to 3 Coached

Get your Delegate(s) to complete our FREE Skill Level 1: Knowledge and the Skill Level 2: Understanding course. After the debriefs, this course will give them a deeper understanding of the 4 steps of the Rapid Problem Solving Method. Then move them to Skill Level 3: Capable where you will follow the process in this course to coach them through solving an actual problem using the RPS Quadrant Chart and method and demonstrate their capability.

Problem Solving is the number one skill to develop in people who want to apply lean thinking & practise within their organisation.

Why? Because the starting point for lean is understanding what situational problems you need to solve and following a robust method to solve them – rather than jumping to solutions. Therefore, if you can engage everyone in identifying and solving problems you will deliver more value to your customers and organisation.

Skill Level 3: Capable

During the course you will gain a deeper understanding of our recommended method and “thinking way” behind developing problem solving capability.

You will learn about about :-

  • The Capability Development Program Overview
  • Detailed Weekly Schedule of Activities
  • Materials required
  • What is Coaching
  • Coaching Skills to use
  • RPS Quadrant Chart Evaluation
  • RPS Quadrant Chart Final Report Out
<strong>Course Structure & Materials </strong><br><img class=”wp-image-16578″ style=”width: 84px;” src=”https://www.leanuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/icon2.png” alt=””>

Course Structure & Materials

4 Step Rapid Problem Solving – Skill Level 3: Capable

Language:- English Speaking

Course Structure

2 Hours of self-paced guided learning on our web based learning platform.

Once enrolled you will have unlimited access to the course for life!

Support Material Included in this course

Visual Teach Poster for Skills Levels 1 & 2

Level 1 & 2 Teach Poster Facilitation Guide

Delegate Workbook

Quadrant Chart Learning Exercise Worksheet

Quadrant Chart Learning Exercise Answer Sheet

7 Problem Solving Tools Leaflet

Muda – The 8 Wastes Teach Poster

Quadrant Chart Visual Guide – What Good Looks Like

Blank Quadrant Chart WorkSheet

Program Overview

Weekly Schedule of Activities

Debrief Presentations Skill Levels 1 and 2.

RPS Evaluation Criteria and Coaching Questions

Coaching Behaviours and Skills and Video

<strong>Learning Outcomes</strong><br> <img class=”wp-image-16573″ style=”width: 96px;” src=”https://www.leanuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/icon3.png” alt=””>

Learning Outcomes

4 Step Rapid Problem Solving – Skill Level 3: Capable

By completing this Skill Level 3 course you will understand how to develop others in becoming Capable of solving an actual problem using the 4 Step RPS Method.

For your Delegate(s) they will have learned the RPS method and with your support solved a problem and summarised it on an RPS Quadrant Chart.

Completion of the Skill Level 1 and 2 Courses

At the end of each course the Delegate(s) will recieve a “Certificate of Completion” (not for capability to do) upon passing the Learning Confirmation quizzes successfully.

A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving - Skill Level 2: Understanding

Progressing onto skill Level 3: Capable

Learning Process

Skill Level 3 is aimed at making your Delegate(s) capable through “step by step” implementation on a real business problem. An experienced Coach is necessary to guide them through this process.

If you don’t have access to sufficiently experienced Coach we can offer online or face to face coaching – just contact us directly if you are interested.

RPS Quadrant Chart Outcome
<strong>Who Should Learn?</strong><br> <img class=”wp-image-16574″ style=”width: 81px;” src=”https://www.leanuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/icon4.png” alt=””>

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed to help people who want to develop others in learning and understanding the 4 Step RPS method and become capable in solving an actual problem using the RPS method.

It describes the process you should follow to develop others to become capable and the required behaviours to coach more effectively.

As a guide to ensuring the right people get the right skills, we have developed a Problem Solving Framework as shown below (This is explained more in our Level 1 Course) which indicates “Who” should get developed in Rapid Problem Solving.

A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving: Skill Levels 1 to 3 Coached
  • The 4 Step Rapid Problem Solving method should be used by those people who need to tackle short and medium term performance problems and improvement challenges (it doesn’t require the need for learning statistics!).
  • It should be aimed at: Leaders of Teams and their Members to enable them to tackle most short and medium and term problems in either operational or business roles.
  • Organisational Improvement Leaders or HR leaders who need to teach and coach their own organisational leadership.
  • 4 Step Rapid Problem Solving Prepares you well for our A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving method to tackle those more difficult medium to longer term business challenges.

Want to deploy 4 Step Rapid Problem Solving into your organisation but need some support ?

We offer online or “face to face” teaching and coaching on any of our courses. We can situationally apply our learning process to meet your capabilty needs, but also ensure it supports your current business conditions.

  • Mutliple groups & flexible group sizes.
  • Location and time zone considerations.
  • Flexibility for timing & schedule of learning activities.
  • Connecting the learning activities with achieveing business results.
  • Cascade approach using your own leaders to develop others.

To enable us to adress your situational needs , arrange now for a brief discussion with a Senior LEA Coach:

Use our Course & Materials internally in your own organisation!

  • The online Course & Material can be used internally by your Skill Level 4 Leaders to use as an internal learning process for them to teach and coach others.
  • All of the Courses and Materials can be easily made available to use internally in your organisation for an affordable subscription fee of just £119.99 per person/year.
<strong>Purchase Course & Support Materials</strong><br><img class=”wp-image-16579″ style=”width: 71px;” src=”https://www.leanuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/icon5.png” alt=””>

What Questions Do you Have ?

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns about enrolment in this course, please don’t hesiate to contact us.

Course Coaches

Check out the details and experience of the course creators and coaches.


A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving: Skill Levels 1 to 3 Coached

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Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your enrolment at any time prior to the first session session for a full refund. Once you have attended the first session, you cannot cancel your enrolment. To cancel please contact us at:

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