Learning by Doing Gemba Walks

9th September 2014 - David Brunt

Whilst all Lean Thinkers love to go to the gemba some work places are more enjoyable and more interesting than others. For several years I’ve been helping the Halfway group in its companies...

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Deploying Policy

5th August 2014 - David Brunt

There is no doubt that Policy Deployment (or hoshin kanri) is an integral part of any lean implementation. It’s a management process that aligns – both vertically and horizontally – an...

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Lean Leadership

24th June 2014 - David Brunt

At our 2013 Lean Summit we welcomed Art Byrne, architect and leader of numerous Lean Transformations such as that undertaken at  Wiremold – told in Chapter 7 of Lean Thinking – as well as...

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