A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving Courses

It is recommended you begin at Skill Level 1 to gain some basic Knowledge of the subject area. Skill Level 2 courses will help you gain a deeper Understanding about the method. You will then understand how to develop others in becoming Capable in our Skill Level 3 Courses. Finally with Skill Level 4 you learn how to Teach & Coach Others. Simply click on a course cover below to learn more about it. 

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A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving – Skill Level 1: Knowledge

This is a self-paced 2 hour course that is hosted on our online Learning Platform . By completeting this course you will gain the basic Purpose, Process and People knowledge about A3 Practical Problem Solving.
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A3 8 Step Practical Problem Solving – Skill Level 2: Understanding

- 12 Hours Online, On-Demand, Self Paced Learning - Purpose, Process, People & Method of Practical Problem Solving - Teach Poster, 31 Teach Videos, A3 Case Study and Evaluation Method - Learning Confirmation & Certificate of Completion