Year: 2006

Leaning Healthcare

7th May 2006 - Daniel T Jones

Healthcare is the next great industry to begin the Lean journey. The existing model in which the hospital doctor acting as a skilled craftsperson effectively manages their own waiting list of...

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Four Curses

18th April 2006 - Daniel T Jones

I breathed a huge sigh of relief the other day. We found a bookkeeper to manage the accounts for our rapidly growing business! Lizzie, my Operations Director, and I concluded that we were...

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Developing Problem Solvers

1st March 2006 - Daniel T Jones

We traditionally see an organisation as a collection of departments or activities, each managed separately and each separated from the rest by inventories or time buffers between them. Performance is...

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Breaking Through to Flow

Breaking through to flow

29th January 2006 - Daniel T Jones

The other day I began a speech to a leading supplier of medical devices by congratulating them on the absolutely level demand for their products from existing users and on the steady growth in the...

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Lean Forum – 1st Lean Healthcare Forum

25th January 2006 -

This First Lean Healthcare Forum in Solihull attracted over 230 delegates from 36 different NHS Hospital Trusts, 20 different Strategic Health Authorities and from a range of primary care trusts,...

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