Year: 2006

Asking Questions

5th December 2006 - Daniel T Jones

It is always refreshing going to the gemba, actually walking a value stream all the way through an organization. This is where I learn to collect the questions to think about next. There is no doubt...

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Changing Reasons for Going Lean

7th November 2006 - Daniel T Jones

Two questions from very different perspectives illustrate how the reasons for going lean are changing. First from Denmark, where a few years ago they were very worried about losing manufacturing jobs...

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Lean Forum – 3rd Lean Healthcare Forum

2nd October 2006 -

The third Lean Healthcare Forum began with progress reports from the pioneering NHS Trusts in Bolton and Wirral. Delegates were then offered a choice of three workshop streams: the first stream,...

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Lean Forum – 2nd Lean Healthcare Forum

6th June 2006 -

Over 220 delegates including a number from other countries attended the second Lean Healthcare Forum – once again being drawn from NHS Trusts, Health Authorities and improvement agencies. The...

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