The Lean Turnaround Action Guide

The Lean Turnaround Action Guide

Art Bryne

How to Implement Lean, Create Value and Grow Your People

ISBN: 978-0071848909

Published: September 2016

Pages: 240

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Price: £22.35


This companion to The Lean Turnaround shows practitioners exactly how to use “lean leadership” to eliminate waste while increasing profitability and driving sustainability.

The Lean Turnaround Action Guide provides a ground-level view explaining how to tactically implement the lean strategies presented in The Lean Turnaround by following three core key management strategies: lean is the strategy, lead from the top, and transform the people. Where Lean Turnaround was broad and strategic in its approach, implementing the Lean Turnaround is granular, practice-based, and full of details on how to implement a lean transformation in your company.

  • This hands-on, detailed guide expands on and offers more detail than The Lean Turnaround
  • With more than 30 years experience, Byrne is one of the best-known and most successful lean practitioners
  • The former CEO of the Wiremold Company, Byrne will promote the book at his many speaking engagements; he recently was the keynote at the Lean Enterprise Institute's 2013 Transformation Summit

Art Byrne, one of today's most respected lean executives, is the author of Lean Turnaround. The former CEO of Wiremold Company, he has been implementing lean strategy in organizations around the world for more than 30 years.

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