Lean Principles ‘Hints and Tips’ Pocket Cards

Lean Principles ‘Hints and Tips’ Pocket Cards

Helpful Lean tips to assist you day to day


Published: November 2014

Pages: 7

Publisher: Lean Enterprise Academy

Price: £8.10

Discount: 20% on 10+ copies


Never forgot the basic Lean principles again with The Lean Enterprise Academy's set of seven handy 'Lean Hints and Tips' Pocket Cards designed to assist you when you most need it in your Lean Transformation. 

The cards are 'credit card' size - 86mm (3” 3/8) x 54mm (2” 1/8) and designed to fit in your wallet, purse or pocket so you are able to keep them with you wherever you might need them.

Each pack contains 7 cards with the following content:

  • 5S – Workplace Organisation
  • Job Instruction
  • 8 Step PDCA cycle for structured problem solving
  • ‘Lean Solutions’ Proposes
  • Five Lean Principles
  • Make Improvement a Routine: ‘Kata’
  • House of Lean Transformation

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