Lean Summit 2011 - Solving Business Problems

10th - 11th November 2011 Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, UK

Stage Set

The Lean Summit 2011 brought together a distinguished set of experts and practitioners to take stock of progress so far, to debate where lean should go next and to give you inspiration for the next steps on your lean journey.


1. How to build our own versions of Toyota’s lean management system? 
Creating the context to drive the behaviours to make use of the tools to focus effort, improve management effectiveness and achieve superior performance.

2. What can we learn about redesigning complex end-to-end processes from lean healthcare? 
Giving value stream managers the responsibility for creating stability, synchronising flow with demand and resolving issues quickly to improve quality and safety while saving effort, time and cost.

3. What can we learn from compressing lean supply chains? 
As low-wage globalisation unwinds how to rebuild and manage a lean supply base in each region to bring jobs back and respond to customers cost effectively in high wage locations.

4a. How to respond to the web enabled consumer? 
What new business models, channels and relationships will be required to help consumers managing their own data to solve problems in their lives??

4b. How can lean organisations prepare for the web era? 
What would it take to combine lean value stream analysis and IT to create an organisational infrastructure that enables value streams to flow

5a. What are the most successful ways of transforming an organisation and a whole industry? 
Lean spreads across the economy by mobilising the will, demonstrating results from controlled experiments and sharing learning through mentoring, communities of practice and intranets.

5b. What will it take to spread lean across the public sector? 
As the government launches it’s performance improvement strategy to maintain services as budgets are cut, what will be key to making this successful and how will we assess the results?

6. What are the most important next steps for the lean movement to address? 
Pushing out the frontiers of lean thinking – including new business models for the web era and the right IT infrastructure for lean – while not losing sight of the fundamentals.

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Photos from the Event

James P Womack   Takashi Tanaka 2   Mark Partington 2   Paul Jarivs   Tania King 2   Alice Lee 2   Eric Beurhens 2

Peter Watkins 2   Dave Kelley 2   James P Womack 2   Dave Brunt   Sharon Tanner

John Darlington

Klaus Petersen   Alan Mitchell   Dan Jones   Kate Silver 2   NAO   John Shook   

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