Lean Forum - Lean Supply Chain Forum

5th June 2007 Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, UK

Delegates from eight different countries met at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel to explore why supply chains that took only minutes of value creating time to make a product and only a few days to ship it to consumers were still several months long.

Daniel Jones opened the forum by describing the challenges associated supply chain compression showing that companies needed to dig behind the point optimization, short term plan changes and firefighting to discover the underlying stability in their order and product flows.

In the following parallel workshops Ian Glenday described how to achieve a common rhythm to make and ship Every Product Every Cycle (EPEC) in production’ while David Brunt illustrated, using a range of examples, how to link every step in a dramatically compressed flow that responds more quickly and accurately to consumer demand.

Some delegates also took advantage of the optional visit to the Unipart Bagington Distribution Centre to see one of the very best examples of lean in distribution in the UK.

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