Introduction to the Lean Transformation Framework - 1 Day

5th March 2018 Republic of Ireland

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Lean Transformation Framework Picture By The Lean Enterprise Academy

Location: In partnership with Dublin City University & EIURA (European Industry University Research Association), Dublin City Campus, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.


We are all trying to transform. That's what Lean thinking and practice is all about: challenging us to reflect deeply on how we can improve this situation, improve my process, team or organisation, or improve myself (and of course, all four). Each of us knows from experience that this work is never easy. Whether you are toiling at the gemba, struggling with your mid-level team, or fighting to transform your organisation, this is tough work.

Developing a greater understanding of the nature of transformation is core to our mission today and therefore the Lean Enterprise Institute, the Lean Enterprise Academy and members of our Lean Global Network have been developing to guide to learn about transformations with our partner companies, large and small, across a wide range of industries. (

Observing efforts in the community over many years – often working with you side-by-side – we have learned that successful transformation calls for a situational approach that is based on innovating key dimensions of any organisation through addressing a series of questions.

These questions are fractal—meaning that the same questions apply whether working at the macro enterprise level or the level of individual responsibility as you dive progressively deeper into each dimension. But, while the transformation framework that has emerged through years of experience is situational, the nature of the questions represent a clear point of view: if an organisation fails to address each question, and with a sense of how each relates to the others, the transformation is headed for trouble.

Questions of the Lean Transformation Framework

What is the purpose of the change – what true north and value are we providing, or simply: what problem are we trying to solve?

  1. How are we improving the actual work?
  2. How are we building capability?
  3. What leadership behaviours and management systems are required to support this new way of working?
  4. What basic thinking, mind-set, or assumptions comprise the existing culture, and are we driving this transformation?

Fundamentally, the process of successful Lean transformation rests on applying PDCA cycles of experimentation (the art and craft of science) at every level, everywhere, all the time. Being situational means that every story is going to be specific and different (each situation has a different aim or purpose). Being grounded in a common set of principles yet situational in application provides rich opportunity for the development of truly profound wisdom. But, Lean thinking and practice, and Lean transformation, entail more than PDCA alone; the Lean approach to transformation carries some specific value judgments as well.

Join us for this ‘Introduction to the Lean Transformation Framework’ workshop as we explore each of the five areas of the framework – facilitating discussion around the obstacles required to close gaps between each organisation’s current state and the proposed target condition.

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The purpose of this workshop is:

  • Learn about Lean from a different perspective
  • Learn about the common pitfalls that organisations often face on their Lean transformation’s
  • Learn about what makes successful Lean transformation
  • To provide a framework to learn about Lean Transformation
  • To explore the five areas of the Lean Transformation Framework
  • To start developing personal and team action plans


  • Introduction/Objectives/Agenda
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Understanding of the different approaches to business improvement and the common pitfalls to real Lean Transformation
  • The 5 areas of the Lean transformation Framework
    • Value Driven Purpose
    • Process Improvement
    • Capability Development
    • The Lean Leadership and Management System
    • Underlying assumptions and beliefs
  • The Lean Transformation Framework and Purpose, Process, People, PDCA
  • Greater understanding of the real Problem to Solve
  • Development Plan Gap Analysis
  • Reflections & Expectations Review

Topics that will be examined include

  • Basics of Value, Waste & Flow in Lean terms
  • Common approaches & Pitfalls to Lean Transformation
  • Understanding the five key areas to support successful Lean Transformation
  • How the Lean Transformation Framework can be used in practical environment to help improve and sustain Lean Transformations.

Workshop Benefits

Through instruction, small group discussions, exercises and video workshop participants will:

  • Learn about Lean from a different perspective, one that goes beyond tools & events
  • Learn about the key elements of a successful Lean transformation
  • Learn how to refine future transformation plans to overcome
  • Discuss and reflect on how to go beyond where they are now – to close the next set of gaps in the organisation

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Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisory and support staff wanting to learn how to refine their Lean Transformation plans for their team or department
  • Lean practitioners wanting to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their efforts.
  • Leaders & Management teams wanting to understand their role in helping to sustain and accelerate continuous improvement throughout their organisation.
  • Organisations at any stage in a Lean transformation that are struggling with:
    • Failures to sustain the results from past improvement effort
    • Overcoming some of the barriers to continuous improvement
    • Past improvement effort not impacting business performance
    • Deciding on whether to establish an improvement team
    • Developing further improvement capability


  • Attendance - 1 Day Course
  • Class size - Maximum 12 people per day
  • Timings - Each day will run from 09:00 - 17:00
  • Cost - £395.00 (Consultant Rate £450.00)* per delegate per day with a 15% discount when 2 or more people from the same organisation attend
  • Materials - A PDF copy of the materials will be available via the Lean Enterprise Academy website
  • Facilities** - Refreshments and lunches will be provided by LEA

*Please note prices exclude VAT at the standard rate of 20%

We can also run these workshops in-house at your convenience, if you would like to explore this option please contact us at or call +44 (0)1600 890590

Follow up (optional)

LEA provides an ongoing mentoring service for organisations involved in making Lean transformations. Lean Transformation Master Plans, supporting A3s & VSM’s developed by the organisation can be reviewed at 30/60/90 intervals. This provides the organisation with help and direction in sustaining the learning from the workshop process and helps highlight further learning opportunities that can be pulled, as and when required, by the organisation.

Other workshops available - please visit our events page for more details

The lessons learnt during this workshop give an overview of the entire Lean Transformation Framework

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