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Toyota Lean Management Centre

Interview from the UK Lean Summit 2015 - Toyota Lean Management Centre

Planet Lean editor Roberto Priolo sat down with Ian Hurst and Keith Edwards of the Toyota Lean Management Centre – who spoke at our Summit this past November – to discuss standardized work, and more.

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Halfway Toyota Terry Odonoghue

Terry O’Donoghue: from Toyota to car dealerships

Planet Lean profiles Terry O’Donoghue, COO of South Africa car dealerships chain Halfway Toyota and one of the speakers at last year’s UK Lean Summit.

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Lean Transformation Framework Picture By The Lean Enterprise Academy

UK Lean Summit 2015 - Lean Transformation: Developing the Capability to Improve the Work

The theme for our 2015 Lean Summit is Lean Transformation: Developing the Capability to Improve the Work. This year we build upon the topic of Lean Transformation structuring the event around two key elements of our Lean Transformation Framework:

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Developing Lean Leadership Capability at the UK Lean Summit

One of the purposes of our annual UK Lean Summit is to address questions that all organizations face when trying to implement Lean Thinking. At our 2015 event, one of the questions posed is “How do the best companies develop and coach Lean leadership to build Lean capability?”

Food from the Gemba

Visiting the Gemba is essential. It is a privilege to be asked to go and see the inspiration people get from discovering new ways of working together and to hear their questions as they struggle to do even better.

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